It Takes So Little

I know. I know. I said I was taking a blog break this weekend. But I had to pop in because I just ran across something that made me squeal with delight. Okay. I didn't actually squeal. But I did smile really big and my pulse accelerated. No, I didn't discover a new and wonderous flavor of java. Better. I discovered a new-to-me reader's review of LASSO THE MOON.

Let me preface this by saying that, being a neurotic artist, I constantly question my talent. Especially when I'm in the first draft phase like I am right now on BEING EVIE (working title of book 2 for HQN). I'm writing at a snail pace just now. I'm trying not to judge, and failing. I'm worrying that I've lost my mojo. I'm convinced I'm a hack.

Deep down, I know that I go through this with every book. Deep down, I know the story will click soon and I'll be typing like a fiend. Meanwhile, I wrestle with insecurity. Meanwhile, I break and google myself now and then hoping for a 'sign' affirming I'm actually entertaining. Today I tripped upon a review at I've never heard of this site, but I was tickled simply to be listed at a place called 'Funny.' Then I read the review...

Customer Reviews:
Western with a difference

This is a witty, funny, adventurous Western Romance and worth tracking down. Although it's hard to pin down its persuasive charm, much of it lies in its orginality and the appealing quirkiness of its main characters. By the end of the first chapter you'll be rooting for Paris and falling for Josh, and cheering them on in their pursuit of their own dreams. Although I love humour in books, it's a rare thing indeed for a book to make me laugh out loud! LASSO THE MOON had me shrieking with laughter on the train, no less. And if Ms Ciotta's follow up Westerns feature Paris's brothers, they'll make me one happy reader. If you take my advice and buy this book, you'll be a happy reader, too, and LASSO THE MOON will be heading for your Keeper shelf.

I don't know who wrote this, but if you happen to visit this blog, THANK YOU! I can't tell you what it means to me to know that I made you shriek with laughter. It takes so little to make all the difference. Duly injected with a hearty dose of mojo, I'm going back to work on BEING EVIE now.


Bruno Amato said…
Beth....How SWEET is that!!! Being the artist that you are and knowing how you can "touch" someone like that.....just awesome!!!!
Anonymous said…
Ohh, what a nice review.

BTW, the second part of my Varus Battle history is up - hope Cyn gets the note here, too.

That essay is growing, too. It will be more than two posts.
Constance said…
Isn't it nice to know you can reach out and tickle someone? *g* That's a great compliment, that you made them laugh out loud. Go, Beth!
Jennifer Elbaum said…
What a great write up Beth! LTM IS such a funny read.

Funny, but someone just blogged about how much they enjoyed my book and I felt validated too, so I understand exactly what you mean. Hope this means you have a great writing week!
Cyn said…
B, it's also the heart in Lasso the Moon that makes it so endearingly funny. GO, B!!!! Glad you got your affirmation.

Gabriele, I'll be visiting your essay shortly. :-)

Hugs, C
Beth Ciotta said…
Bruno, it was very sweet indeed. And yes, a wonderful feeling to know that I touched someone in such a positive way. That's my motivation as an artist. Always has been. Making a positve difference. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabriele, thanks for sharing the link. Cyndi saw your note. :) I'll be hopping over too!

Thanks, Constance! I'm still smiling. :)

Jen... THANK YOU! As for your own book, congrats on the great review. Well deserved, I'm sure! Nowhere To Hide is on my TBR list!!

Thank you, C. *Hugs* That review was a shot in the arm. Sending some of that good mojo your way!
Cyn said…
Thanks, B!

I posted a blog entry today if you want to get an idea where my mojo is at. (I know it's been almost two months since my last post.)

Hugs, C

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