I have Insomnia because...

My brain's hopping all over the joint.

The good news is, I'm jazzed about each of the projects currently rattling around in my noggin. On the marketing front, the new blog 'look' is up and running, and I'm very close to finishing my new website design.

Writing wise, I'm moving along on BEING EVIE. (Good thing since it's due mid-February.) And I'm making progress on the proposal for a new series. I told my agent it would take me a couple of weeks. That was a week ago. I'm close. Sort of.

I'm awaiting the revisions for ROMANCING THE WEST, but meanwhile I got a sneak peek of the first draft of the cover. Let me just say, wahooooo! Cover artist Adam Mock rocks!

Awaiting line edits (or maybe more revisions?) on ALL ABOUT EVIE as well as the release dates for book two and book three. Between HQN and Medallion, I'll have two novels coming out in 2007 and three in 2008! More bean juice, please.

On the performance front, no singing gigs, but the emcee gigs keep coming in from Trump Marina and Trump Taj Mahal. I'll be emceeing a sweepstakes at the Marina Casino tomorrow night... after I work at the library.

Speaking of the library, I received confirmation from the Atlantic County Library big-wig (a really nice and inspiring man) that I'll be performing as a storyteller at a local department store throughout December. Celebrating the winter holidays, promoting reading and the county libraries. I'm really looking forward to getting kids excited about BOOKS! We'll also do some fun extras. So now I'm currently researching appropriate children's stories, crafts, and songs. (A challenge for someone who does not have kids!)

That's what's keeping me up at night. All of these projects, in various stages. But it's all good. Not complaining. Counting my blessings.

I'll be taking a blog break this weekend. Much to do as you can see. Must. Focus.

And get some sleep.

Hey, at least I have firm goals. *g*

"If you don't know where you are going, you'll end up someplace else." ~~Yogi Berra


Mary Stella said…
Oh, Beth! You're a terrific kids storyteller. Shades of Princess Charming!

What age kids are the target audience? I can ask my friends who have children for book recommendations.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, M! I'm thinking of going with the character name: Penelope Pageturner. ;)

Regarding age, not 100% sure yet. They're talking a consistant weekday throughout December. If we do mornings then we're looking at Pre-schoolers. If it's late afternoon, then more like 8 and under. Any suggestions on particular winter or holiday stories are welcome!
Tori Lennox said…
With that busy schedule you definitely need to get some sleep! :)
Bethany said…
But don't your *pride* yourself on deadlines? ;-)

I'm speaking from experience of course. Ha!

And I love the new picture. I see the darker hair colro, and let me tell you, it looks FABULOUS!
Beth Ciotta said…
:) Tori, I'm craving sleep more than Chips Ahoy cokies. That should tell you something.

Bethany, my new mindset: If it's not contracted, I'm not putting a specific deadline on a project. For instance, I work on the website bit by bit, when time allows. It's done when it's done (although I'm hoping it's 'done' soon) Oh, and thanks for the thumbs up on the darker hair color. It's the one I was born with. ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Oops. I meant to say 'cookies' not 'cokies'. Although those sound intersting, too. Frozen Coke on a stick?
Barb said…
Ooo,ooo I have kids. Pick me, pick me. Better yet, let me send them to you for a while and then you can pick their little brains. No sense in both of us not sleeping. Yeah, this is sounding great. I think I could use a little R & R.
Okay, seriously, I think this is a great project. Children really respond to you and these days they could use some good guidance and it sure would be nice if they read a little more instead of playing video games and watching t.v. all day. You will be great. Will you be in costume? Hey are you paying attention or did you just doze off? Alright, I get it! I'm rambling. Love ya, Have a great day!!
Larissa said…
Love the new blog look!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hey, Barb! I'd happily take Logan and Jax off of your hands. Well, until they got all fussy. Then I'd want the option of handing them back to 'mom'. :)

Thanks for the vote of confidence. Yes, I'll be in costume. My flashy Renn costume with the awesome at. I think they'll get a kick out of it. And it's now officially: Storytime with Penelope Pageturner. :)

So what's the L & J's attention span for stories? :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Larissa. I'm really happy with it!
Bruno Amato said…
Beth....Boy I've been away too long...not really away, just in a blog slow down....I love your new picture and the new blog look!!!...maybe that's what I need to get back to heavier blogging :)a change of scenery at my blog space :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you for your kind words, Bruno! Yes, I noticed you've been quiet over at your blog. But I assumed that's because your so busy driving to various sets and filming! Have a great weekend. :)
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, love the colors on the website. I just love anything with BLACK. One of my favorite t-shirts says: I'm only wearing BLACK until they make something darker.

Penelope Pageturner is such a cute name. What will you wear? Sister Dear and I will ask our own 7 year old reader-"Princess Julianna" what are her recommendations.

Congratulations on all the books being released in 2007/2008. Yahoo!
Charlene Teglia said…
Beth, love the new look!
Anna Lucia said…
That storytelling job sounds fab, Beth! Great use of your skills.

And a cool new look, too!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Elsie! That t-shirt slogan is priceless. :) My wardrobe used to be 75% black. Then I ventured into a few colors. Lately though, basic black has been calling my name more and more. Simple but classy. Like me. Ha! ;)

As far as the age groups I'll be reading to, it looks like anywhere between 2 and 8. Tell Julianna I'm intersted in her holiday faves. And thanks!
Beth Ciotta said…
Charlene and Anna, so glad you like the new look. Thanks!

Anna, I'm really looking forward to my time as Penelope Pageturner. I'll try to get someone to take pictures!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, I know this is not a holiday book but check out-"Boris and Bella" by Carolyn Crimi(Ages 2-8). It's a Halloween book that I gave Julianna, 2 years ago, and we both love it. It's about Bella Legrossi and Boris Kleanitoff the messiest and cleanest monsters in Booville. All they do is argue until they find something they have in common at Harry Beastie's Halloween Party. Julianna says it's a keeper.
ElsieHogarth said…
Hi Beth!

Here are Julianna's Holiday Picks:

1. A Charlie Brown Christmas-Charles M. Schultz
2. Junie B.Jones, Jingle Bells, Batman Smells!(P.S. So Does May)-Barbara Park
3. Olive, the Other Reindeer-J.Otto Seibold/Vivian Walsh
4. Polar Express-Chris VanAllsburg
5. Eloise Christmas-Kay Thompson
6. Madeline's Christmas-Ludwig Bemelmans
7. The Night Before Christmas-Clement Clarke Moore
8. The Story of the Nutcracker Ballet-Deborah Hanlzig
9. One Snowy Night-M.Christina Butler/Tina MacNaughton
10. My Penguin Osbert-Elizabeth Cody Kimmel
11. The Soldiers Night Before Christmas-Trish Holland/Christine Ford
12. A Wish to be a Christmas Tree- Colleen Monroe
13. The Legend of Papa Noel(A Cajun Christmas)-Terri Dunham

My personal all time favorites are:
1. The Gift of the Magi- O'Henry
2. A Christmas Carol- Charles
I begin to read them as of Thanksgiving until New Year's.
Beth Ciotta said…
Elsie, please hug and thank Julianna for me. Awesome list. I'll be back at the library tomorrow and looking into some o these.

As to your personal faves, I have to say, Charles Dickens, A CHRISTMAS CAROL rocks my world, too. Adore it. #1 favorite.

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