I Feel Good! (except for the bonehead thing)

Man, oh, man. Is it really Tuesday already? I missed you. Truly I did. But blogging took a back seat to...

*Writing and turning in the dedication/acknowledgment page, a Dear Reader letter, and a short bio for ALL ABOUT EVIE.

*Tackling the first 239 pages of 'line edits' for ALL ABOUT EVIE. (They arrived on Saturday. More on my amazing editor and some of my goofy mistakes later.) I have about 70 pages left to go.

*Writing the final two chapters of the proposal for a new book and series. (Just sent that off to my agent. Wish me luck.)

*Saturday and Sunday, six hour emcee gigs. Monday, eight hour shift at the library.

I'm a wee bit burnt, BUT I accomplished a lot over the last four days. In the words of The Godfather of Soul, "I feel good!"

I'll feel even better when I finish those last 70 pages of line edits. But before I go I'll leave you with one of my most eye-rolling bloopers. When Arch disguises himself in a white uniform, Evie considers his dreamy good looks, thinking he looks like a 'Navel Officer'.

Um, I made that mistake not once, but twice. And, yes, I know the difference. *g* Care to share one of your best bloopers?? Come on, I'm not the only one who makes the occasional bonehead mistake. Am I? Hello??


Tori Lennox said…
You are NOT alone. :) I once had a character thinking someone else sounded "like a broken record". Only problem the book was set in the early 1800s. *g*
Anonymous said…
Ouch, lol. I had a character draw his sword and then using both hands for something else, that sort of stuff.

Tori, yep, staying in time with your metaphors and similes can be tricky.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the smile ladies! Heh. :)
Brooks said…
Nope, cant re-member eny missteaks. Just lukky I qess.

Maybe "Navel Officer" would be appropriate if Arch has a thing for
ladies tummys!
Bethany said…
Oh GAWD you are SO not alone. I don't even have an example on hand, but I make those kind of mistakes ALL the time (including repeating 2 paragraphs over and not catching it for 2 rereads!).

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