Celebrating Determination

I can't believe we're nearing mid-November. Ack! (Will not obssess on the February deadline. Will not obsess...) My days are packed (whose aren't), but I am happy to report that I scratched three projects off of my 'To Do' list yesterday and made progress on a few others.

Over the past couple of days I've made decent stride on my next book for HQN as well as the 'new book' proposal that I promised my agent. Yay!

Confirmed my three appearences as Storyteller, Penelope Pageturner, and read three of the twelve children's books on my desk (who knew there were so many books about snow?) in an effort to nail down my 'winter wonderland' program.

Cleaned out a closet and dresser and donated three bags of nice coats and clothes to people in need. (more on that tomorrow).

Lastly, after two months of tinkering and trying to create a theme I liked, and then inputting all the graphics and copy, I finally finished my new website!! It's up and running and I'm pretty darn pleased. Given my tech-gooberness, not bad. I need to fix two links in my greeting, and upload more pictures to my photo gallery, but other than that... Thank you again to Miss Zoot for the banner design!

Sure, my "To Do" list is still quite lengthy, but by lifting self-imposed deadlines and diligently chipping away day by day, I have made progress. Instead of looking at all I have yet to do, today I'm looking at all I've done and celebrating my determination.

So easy to beat ourselves up. Harder to say to one's self, "Well done." Come on. If I can do it, you can. Name at least one thing/project that you tackled or made progress on this week, and end it with, "Well done."


HelenKay said…
The website looks great!!
Mary Stella said…
Good job, B. I like the look of the new website. It's sophisticated, yet retains charm and a little whimsy -- much like you and your books.

One project that I will have completed by tonight involves the famous Christmas pins. I need to do the finishing work on the two that I send my aunts so they'll have them by next week. You and my other friends will need to wait a bit longer. Sorry!

I've also finished, and am waiting approval on, an important project at work. Yes, I've been productive these last couple of weeks. LOL
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you for taking a look, HelenKay. And for the thumbs up. *sigh of relief*

Sophisticated? Charming? Whimsical? SCORE! Thanks, M! Now, let's talk about you. Tackling the time-consuming charity Christmas pin project AND an important project at the Dolpin Center. Yes, you have been productive, my friend. WELL DONE!!
Cyn said…
Just keeping my nose to the grindstone on my story. Or, more aptly, my flashlight on the dark corners.

Good for you! Mary too!

Hugs, C
Tori Lennox said…
The new site looks fabulous, dahlink! :)
Bruno Amato said…
Beth, Love your website....the pic of you and your hubby should be on the cover of a book!
Beth Ciotta said…
Nose to the grindstone. That means progress. WELL DONE,C!

Thanks for the thumbs up, Tori. Smooches, dahlink! :)

Thank you for cruising my site, Bruno. I'll be uploading many more pictures, but at least for now, I got the fave one up of Steve and I (thanks for the compliment!) and my crazy pets!
Monica said…
It's beautiful! Fun, yet sophisticated.
Beth Ciotta said…
Monica, I just shot you a PM (private message). I hope you got it. :) Thank you!

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