Big Butt Be Gone

The pie is gone. Along with all of the other Thanksgiving leftovers. Although you can see remnants of it all on my thighs. *Sigh*

To be fair, I'd started to put on a little weight even before Thanksgiving. It's not because I eat too much--I really don't--but because I exercise too little. I used to burn off calories on stage. Now that I'm not performing regularly, that ain't happening. Although I'm mobile at the library, it's just not the same as dancing and singing for four hours at a clip. These days I spend an enormous amount of time sitting in a chair, working at the computer.

While trying to squeeze into a pair of jeans yesterday, I realized I have developed 'writer's butt'. Ack! Desperate, and not being one to join a gym, I wrangled Steve into an impromtu shopping trip. We came home with this. A duel action exercise bike that works upper and lower body.

"You better use this thing," he said. It was sort of pricey and I have been known to start and stop an exercise program... or ten. I vowed that I would. "Starting tomorrow," I said, "I'm going to attempt twenty minutes per day."

Knowing how out of shape I am, he pointed out I'd be lucky to do ten-minutes. Wanting to prove him wrong, I hopped on the bike... and made it two-minutes before I thought my heart was going to burst through my chest. Oops. Who knew it would be so hard?! Meanwhile, Steve biked for fifteen minutes without even breaking a sweat.

I'll show him. Maybe. *g* But truly, honestly, I really am going to ride this thing every morning, directly after blogging. I'll let you now how I do.

How are you keeping in shape these days??


My office is upstairs in my house so I probably run up and down about 500 times a day. It certainly helps keep the big butt at bay but doesn't do much for my upper body. I'd started Yoga, but haven't been able to do it regularly yet, so, lack of exercise is definitely a continuing issue.

Good luck with your machine! Are you going to watch TV while you do it?
Anonymous said…
Karate. Parking at the wrong side of Super Wal-Mart from what I need. Walking my Corgis.

And it's still not enough.

I'm looking at Yoga and water aerobics. I'm uncoordinated and loathe swimming, so we'll see if those take.
Barb said…
We pretty much have a full gym (that I hardly ever use). So, what's my excuse. Which one would you like to hear? I have about a dozen depending on the day. My biggest thing is that it is in the basement. I don't want to go down there and just listen to music. I swear if it was in front of a TV I would use it everyday. Maybe.
Jordan Summers said…
We bought a rowing machine a few weeks ago. So far I've been on it five days a week. Next week starts my third week with it. My goal is to work up to 30 mins, then 45, then an hour a day. It's going to take me a while to get there. I have trouble going over 15 minutes right now. I don't know how much good it'll do, but it certainly won't hurt. *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Ann, I took yoga years ago and loved it. These days it's hard for me to get motivated enough to leave the house for a class. That's why the bike is good (I hope.) More on this morning's workout tomorrow....

Constance, that's quite a variety. I've always been interested in Karate, but I don't think my knees could take it. Plus it means leaving the house for a class. :) Good luck with your new ventures!
Beth Ciotta said…
Barb, don't you have a portable DVD player? Or is that Brandy? Anyhoo, if you don't have one it's worth the investment. And actually you can get a decent one pretty cheap these days. You could take that down with you and watch movies. See if your library has a collection. Our does. We loan them out for seven days--FREE! :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Jordan, I've been keeping up with your rowing endeavors via your blog. Sounds as difficult as the bike! Good luck meeting your goals. :)
Brooks said…
Oh mighty treadmill in the hall,
Resting silently against the wall,
I stare at you; being far from slim,
Know that I should really plug you in.

Gotta get off my ass, I really must,
My poor treadmill is gathering dust.


(Published here only, all rights reserverd.) (C)2006
Beth Ciotta said…
Brooks, a poet and I didn't know it. :) If I don't stay determined that poem could end up being about me. All I'd have to do is switch 'bike' for 'treadmill'. Come on friend, join me in my misery. Hop on that treadmill. Here's to a healthy us!

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