Due to a major technical glitch (Not a goober glitch by moi, I swear!), I lost every email in my website email in-box as well as those saved for specific purposes. In total 357 emails and addresses!!!



Double ack!!

But, what's done is done. Will. Not. Stress.

If you emailed me because you wanted to receive my (yet-to-be-launched) newsletter, please email me again. I lost your address. Please, forgive me.

If you emailed for any other reason within the past three days, please re-email me. Your note is wherever tech glitched notes go. I just know they're not with me. Please forgive.

I'm off to work at the library now where the computer system has been glitching horribly for two days running. Meaning we can't check in and check out books--or any of the other things we do for patrons--as we normally do. Love technology. Not.


Tori Lennox said…
Yikes! I hate when that happens. *hugs*
HelenKay said…
Happy to know I'm not alone in having this sort of thing occur. Very sorry about the mishap.

Also, I previously said Publishers Lunch reported that the OJ book story you cited wasn't true. Not so fast. Yeah, apparently OJ's lawyer lied when he made the denial about the book - now there's a surprise... Looks as if the book is a go. Here's the blurb from PL today:

"When the National Inquirer first reported on OJ Simpson's IF I DID IT, attorney Yale Galanter ("[he] is not writing a book. We haven't been paid 35 cents, much less $3.5 million" and "if anyone comes out with such a book, I'll go on every talk show and call it crap") and Regan director of publicity Suzanne Wickham both apparently lied in their denials. Which sets the context for yesterday's announcement from Fox and Regan that they will air a two-part interview with Simpson and then release his book at the end of this month. If only retailers had the strength to take Galanter at his initial word."

Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the update, HelenKay! I saw a few articles on this yesterday. Ick, is right. So icky, every time I think about it, my blood pressure sky rockets. Total hot topic for me. *grr*

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