As much as I love blogging and blog hopping every day, I need to take a short break. This is a jammed packed work week--library today and tomorrow, emcee gigs Saturday and Sunday. I'm behind on answering emails and following up on a couple of promo mailings. I need to kick butt on my WIP. I'm also currently researching for a new series and redesigning my website. In the inspiration area, I am reading 'The Last Templer' by Raymond Khoury and a novelized version of Alan Moore's graphic novel 'V for Vendetta'. Oh, and I just checked out the second season of LOST. Due to library policy I have one week to view the entire season. Yikes!

You see my 'time' dilemma. In order to tackle many projects, I've set some goals.

*Three solid chapters of BEING EVIE (my WIP) completed by Monday.
*Synopsis and first three chapters of the first book in the new series idea completed and submitted to my agent by November 1.
*New website completed and running by November 1.

That is the must-do, I-will-do list. Closely followed by catching up on emails and promo mailings. I also desperately want to finish reading those two novels and watching LOST. United inspiration and relaxation.

In order to meet these goals I need to focus, get in the zone, and stay there. That means no distractions. That means no Internet other than for research purposes. Ouch. But I can do it. It's called discipline. Yuk. But I'll be a happier person for it. I'm determined to meet the above goals. I'll check in Monday to let you know where I stand. Until then, I'll be zoning!

"The ability to discipline yourself to delay gratification in the short term in order to enjoy greater rewards in the long term is the indispensable pre-requisite for success" ~~Brian Tracy


Monica said…
I needed this post. Me, too!

Thanks :-)
Tori Lennox said…
I really enjoyed The Last Templar. You'll have to let us know how you liked it!

And you DO have a full plate!
Busy, busy girl! I'm just getting to the point that I am taking less Percocet, so my excuse for not writing is coming to an end. I DID judge a contest entry (one of seven!) today. That was almost work, right?
Jordan Summers said…
You can do it, Beth!!! Good luck. Love the last saying btw. :D
Roni said…
Good for you! Your discipline as well as your fantastic story-telling abilities will take you far!
I missed you at the NJ conference! I'm busy revising something myself, for an agent I'd like to have represent me; then I have to go back to my work in progress.
T-Lo said…
Want to hear my To-Do list Beth?

1.) Finally watch Beth's "Raiders Of The Lost Ark" DVD
2.) Finish Lost: Season 1 DVD on time to coincide with Beth's return of Season 2 DVD.
3.) Finish books due to the library. Then go back to my home collection.
4.) Find out through Beth about the novelization of "V For Vendetta".
5.) School, Work, and everything in between. Did I mention I'm COLLEGE SEARCHING?! Argh!

Save me, Beth! Save me! I think you and I should have a Who-Has-The-Busier-Life one day.
T-Lo said…
I meant to say Who-Has-The-Busier-Life debate one day. I'm so busy I can't even write complete sentences!
Bethany said…
You go girl... and I know you'll make it. You always do.

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