No One Rains on Her Parade

After several years of retirement, Barbra is back and, according to this article (and after she warmed up a bit) is sounding as magnificent as ever. I have always loved her voice, her passion, her song selection. When I heard her tour would include Atlantic City, I looked into tickets. Although it would be a once-in-a-lifetime thrill, I couldn't afford or justify the astronomical ticket prices. A friend of mine who idolizes Streisand paid $700 for a 'decent' seat. That's far and above what I would/could pay, but after reading this article and thinking about hearing her sing songs like People, Somewhere, and Don't Rain on My Parade, I'm thinking it would be worth every penny.

As an aside, during a short (or maybe not so short) political sketch at her NYC concert, Ms. Streisand, after first saying, "Come on, be polite," told a persistant heckler to, "Shut the f*** up." Heh. Welcome back, Babs.

So what about you? Is there anyone that you'd be willing to pay an astronomical amount to hear speak or perform live?


I'd pay a pretty penny to see Pink Floyd reunite. Went to see Roger Waters and it was grand, but to see them in totality would be sublime.

I can't think of anyone else I'd mortgage the house for, though *gg*
scrapperjen said…
I can't think of anyone off hand, at least that's still alive.... I'll have to keep thinking!
Barb said…
Hi Beth,

For me it would be Celine Dion. I think she is amazing!! Don't know if I would pay $700 but I'm sure it would be worth it.
T-Lo said…
When it comes to concerts, I am all for it. If I hear an artist of mine is in the area and ready to go see them. But when I see prices over $200 I think "What?!". Recently I went to see R&B mega-talent John Legend. One of the best concerts I've ever seen and I only paid $60 for it. So, unless Babs is going to perform some miracles on stage...well, she's gotta drop her prices.

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