Mish Mosh of News

Speaking of Abby, my HQN editor, on Monday she gave my synopsis for book two in The Chameleon Chronicles a thumbs up. I have officially started on Being Evie (working title). I am once again writing on a semi-tight deadline. At this point it just sort of feels normal *g*

Yesterday, I learned that the creative wonders at Medallion Press (waving to Adam and Jim) are getting ready to design my cover for Romancing the West. I can't wait to see what they come up with. Somehow, seeing the actual cover, always makes the book seem 'real'. The story itself is in the editing stage. I'll probably receive the revision notes in the next couple of months.

I'm in the process of totally redesigning my website. I've been working on it bit by bit, usually at night when I'm too tired to write. It's getting there. *g* Target launch date: Novemeber 1.

Last night Iggy called me and offered me a last minute singing gig on Saturday night. I haven't worked with him since July, no singing whatsoever, so I'm a little concerned about my chops. But what the hey, the gig is at a nearby club and it will be fun to see Iggy and the extra money will come in most handy. Jeez, I'm like Sinatra or Cher, one of those singers who says they're retiring, but never really does. LOL

To prove that I am a creative spaz, not that you need proof other than this blog, just as I was getting ready to type page one of Being Evie, a contracted book with an very real deadline, an idea for a new series popped into my head. It was amazingly vivid and blossomed throughout the day. In an effort to get it out of my brain so that I could concentate on Evie, I jotted notes and committed them to a file. Two days later and I'm still jotting notes. Not to worry, I have made progress on Evie as well--yay, me! Although this new series idea is a pain-in-the-butt distraction just now, the good news is that I have something to look forward to in the future. The creative well has not run dry!!

My last bit of news is about fellow author/friend Scott Oden, and it's a whopper! Here's the blurb from Publishers Marketplace: MEN OF BRONZE author Scott Oden's THE LION OF CAIRO, in which the ancient world's greatest empire -- the 12th century caliphate of Egypt -- begins to crumble and an assassin becomes the caliph's only hope of surviving, to Peter Wolverton at Thomas Dunne Books, in a four-book deal, by Bob Mecoy at Creative Book Services (World).

This is absolutely HUGE folks. And it couldn't happen to a nicer, more amazingly talented man. Please visit his blog for the full story and to wish Scott well!


Cynthia said…
Don't you just LOVE IT when a new idea steadfastly refuses to respect the story you have to work on? Glad to know I'm not alone on that front. I usually love when my characters actually start talking to each other in my head, but not when they don't have names yet or any real plot to play with. That was my hell last week.

Now, if you could just promise me that other writers also feel the over whelming compulsion to buy dozens of new pens, and reams of paper, and shiny new folders every year about mid-August I'd be really happy. Seriously, I think I need to be sequestered for about a month starting mid-August. I shouldn't be allowed anywhere near the mega school supply sections in the stores.
Charlene Teglia said…
I saw that in Pub Lunch yesterday! Fantastic news. And good for you on getting your synopsis approved. : )
Bethany said…
I'm ALWAYS, ALWAYS getting new ideas when I am in the thick of another project (or right when I am ready to fall asleep).

Either way it is a pain the rear to get the new idea out of the way so you can get on with your current business, iddin' it?
Tori Lennox said…
I keep having old ideas I haven't finished trying to tempt me away from what I'm working on. I wish they'd just let me finish this one first! :)

Awesome news about Scott's sale!!!
Gabriele C. said…
You could use Nano to get that new idea out of your brain during November. Just write 1667 words on it every day and you'll end up with 50K - almost a novel. :)

Me? I don't even need deadlines to get distracted by new plotbunnies. Bloody buggers. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hokey-doke then. I am not the only one who gets buffaloed by a new story when I already have something on my plate. Good to know. :)

Cynthia, I steer way clear of office supplies stores. I always go in for one thing and come out with ten. ;0)

Charlene, yup, great news for Scott!

Bethany, a pain, yes, but I'm not complaining. It would be much worse to be OUT of ideas. Horrors!

Tori, I've had that happen too. An idea I thought I abandoned comes back and says, "Hellooo, what about me?"

You know, Gabriele, I did think about Nano, something I've never done, although I was thinking it might be the best way to push me through the 1st draft of the deadline book. I'm trying, note TRYING, a new process this time around. ;) Hmm. Something to think about.
Roni said…
Beth, you could try April Khilstrom's Book in a week (I never have). I know what you're talking about regarding other ideas. I was all set to start planning another regency and I had started a romantic suspense/paranormal...and then in July I got this idea that I just couldn't shake. I'm now about 1/4 through another traditional romance!
Scott Oden said…
Thanks for the mention, Beth! I'm still somewhere between reeling and swooning.

I really hate it when new ideas won't wait their turn. The Unnamed Fantasy Project was one of those . . . impatient ideas who feel it's their right to encroach upon the established order of things, who throw tantrums and demand attention like a spoiled brat. Just because they're shiny and new . . .

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