A Dose of Sunshine

Blustery, cold and rainy in Jersey today. Excellent day to stay in, read and write. Exactly what I plan to do, for the bulk of the day at least. However, this afternoon I'm going to brave the miserable weather for a dose of sunshine.

Years ago, gosh it's been over ten now I think, I worked fulltime at Tropicana Casino as a character actress. There was a rather large troop of strolling performers. We worked together for several years and became good friends. Most all, with the exception of me and a couple of the other gals who were trained dancers, had circus skills. Clowns, mimes, stilt-walkers, jugglers, magicians... A colorful, zany group to be sure.

Many of us are still in contact today (Brooks the Magician often commets here at this blog), the larger faction trying to get together at least once a year for a holiday party. An off shoot (the group pictured right) try to get together a little more often. Although it seems to get tougher each passing year. *sigh* We call ourselves The Shallow Girls, as we like like to talk about shallow things. You know, like make-up and clothes. But we talk about deeper stuff too, sometimes. We used to gripe about ageism in entertainment and the general lack of vision in Atlantic City. But we're over that now. Mostly.

Anyway, pictured above are five of the Shallow Girls. (Missing are Carmy and Patricia) A couple of years ago, we trecked to a PA Renn Faire and stayed overnight. It was around this time of year as you can see by the fall decorations. I love this picture.

Left to right starting at the top: Shelly the juggler/actress (currently a cirriculum big-wig for the state of Delaware.) Lin the stilt-walker/dancer (currently PR Director for an upscale department store), Wendy the dancer/actress (currently a Yoga instructor).

Left to right starting at the bottom: Gwen the dancer/actress (currently raising three beautiful little girls) and Me, Beth the singer/actress (currently writing novels and working as a Library Assistant)

Pictured to the left, me in the foreground and Gwen right behind -- back in the day. Unfortunately, Shelly and Lin aren't pictured here though they were there and costumed the same. (Yes, those are Victoria Secrets bras, but we decorated them with sequins and broaches--hence they became costumes. *g* Madonna has nothing on us) It was New Years Eve and we'd just performed a choreographed number at a high roller party (Mardi Gras theme).

Fast forward to now. Although we all still take the occasional entertainment gig, we've all pretty much moved on in our lives. (We no longer wear decorated bras. Not in public anyway.) I'm just glad we haven't moved out of each other's lives. Today Lin and I are are meeting up so that we can visit Gwen, who just had her third daughter, Katie, last Thursday. A darn good reason to break away from my writing and to brave the miserable weather. Motto for the day: Good friends are like a dose of sunshine. Always welcome.


Beth Ciotta said…
If you're seeing a double of this post--sorry. Blogger is being ultra wonky today. Thought I deleted it, but I'm still seeing it. *sigh*
Tori Lennox said…
Sounds like a fun day. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
I'm looking forward to it, Tori. :)

What's not fun is wonky Blogger. I can't get rid of that duplicate post, PLUS comments aren't registering on the main page. Geesh. Not that I'm obssessing. *g*
Jordan Summers said…
Have a wonderful time. Reminds me of a few photos I have laying around the house. May they stay hidden. *ggg*
Roni said…
Hope you had fun Beth! It ended up being sunny here by mid afternoon.
ALWAYS continue to take the time for friends and those you feel close to! I have two college friends and I see for lunch or dinner twice a year (they live near each other) and my best friend from college and I try to get together at least once a year (she lives several hours from me). I'm always happy to see them. They say no one knows you like your OLD (long term) friends!
Brooks said…
:) :) :) :) :) :) :)

Sending out a smile for each of "The Shallow Girls"
Olga said…
Beth, what a colorful group, and what a colorful life! Friendship is one of the most precious things on Earth, and definitely one of the best ways to put sunshine in one's life!
Beth Ciotta said…
Jordan, um, does your husband know about these pictures? :)

Roni, we DID have fun. The new baby is T-I-N-Y. Katie felt like a peanut in my arms. :) And while she slept and ate and slept and ate, Gwen, Lin, and I, had great conversation. Good for you and keeping up with old friends!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Brooks, multipy those hugs by three and right back atcha!

Olga, speaking of sunshine... though it was yucky all morning, by the time I left to meet up with the gals it had turned weirdly warm, dry, and SUNNY. :)
Bethany said…
Could not agree more... Good Friends save lives. :-) really. what would we do without them?
Mike Barer said…
It looks like a fun night.
Beth Ciotta said…
Bethany, I couldn't agree more.

Mike, are you referring to the Mardi Gras Party? It was a fun night. A live band performed the music for our dance. A dynamite zydeco number. I loved the song. Loved that dance. After that one key performance, our job was to mingle and get the customers up and partying on the dance floor. I know. Tough job. ;)

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