The Adventures of Goober and Spaz

Cynthia Valero and I met at an New Jersey Romance Writers meeting in 1994. Or maybe it was '95. My concept of time is horrid. Anyway, we connected right away and became fast friends and critique partners. In 1996 we decided to co-write a book and CB Scott was born. In 2000 we finaled in RWA's Golden Heart, a contest for unpublished authors. Soon after we signed with ImaJinn Books, a small publisher of paranormal romance. To date we have published three paranormal romance novels with ImaJinn and one short story which appears in an anthology (Dream Quest) for LTD Books.

During this period, we had the opportunity to spread our collaborative wings. From 2000-2002 Cyndi and I wrote and directed the Mr. Romance Pageant (a production show in which models compete to win a cover shoot for a romance novel) for the Romantic Times Book Lovers Convention. Who will be the next Fabio? It was an amazing experience. As close we've come so far to our dream of being the female versions of Ben Affleck and Matt Damon (Good Will Hunting). Someday we hope to co-write a screenplay. We want to experience standing side-by-side on the stage of the Academy Awards (like Ben and Matt) accepting our Oscar for best screenplay. Hey. We're allowed to dream. *g*

Along the way both Cyndi and I grew as writers and at one point we realized that we wanted to explore different worlds. Hence we parted professionally to pursue our solo work. I'm thrilled to say our friendship not only survived, but flourished. We support each other, brainstorm and critique each other's work. It's a beautiful thing. Unfortunately, we live several hours apart and due to schedules, can never hook up in person. Last year we set aside a weekend and met in Red Bank, NJ. A two-person writer's retreat. This year we did the same thing. That's where I've been all weekend. With Cyndi. Brainstorming our stories and talking about writing in general. It was a huge rush to spend that focused time with my amazingly talented friend!

Last year I had someone take a picture of Cyndi and I. This year... I forgot! Darn! She's the only person I know who changes hair colors as often as I do. LOL Above is the promo shot for CB Scott--taken many years and hair colors ago. *g* Cyndi's the tall blond. I'm the short brunette. Just now her hair is auburn, a sassy reddish brown. Mine is currently.... Hey! It's the same shade and style as pictured here! Today we noted our pulled back hairstyles, cargo pants and T-shirts. We looked like a couple of tomboys. So funny. Nothing like in the above pic. Anyway, we may be a few years older, wiser, and all that, but our friendship is as fresh and vibrant as ever. Even our nicknames, Goober and Spaz, still fit.

Advice for the day. If you ever enter into a collaboration with anyone, someone you consider friend, ALWAYS make the friendship your priority. Projects come and go. A good, loving friend is priceless.


Tori Lennox said…
I love that picture! You're both so cute!!!
Anna Lucia said…
Well said, Beth. Well said.

*raising a glass to you and Cyndi*
Cyn said…
B, I LOVE this post! I don't even know where to begin, except that you've captured our 11 or 12 years together perfectly (yeah, I think it was 1994 but my memory is the same as yours!). I'm blessed to have a friend like you. Your parting words of your post are absolute.

Hugs, C
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Tori! ;)

Cyber toast with Anna!

Cyber hug with Cyndi. :)
Gabriele C. said…
You go girls, for that Academy Award.

I was never one to easily iinvest in friendships, and I only had one in my life that deserved the name. She committed suicide a few years ago. There are things not even a friendship can influence.
Beth Ciotta said…
I am very sorry to hear that Gabriele. I hope that your friend's soul is now at peace. And I very much hope a new friend finds his/her way into your near future.
Bethany said…
Ahh as much as projects come and go-- the industry is fickle. As writers we write what we want, and then try to make a living doing it. Who wouldn't want a writing partner that was supportive NO MATTER what the topic (joint or not, or even different genres).

And the world goes round, you never know when you will be writing together again!
Beth Ciotta said…
"And the world goes round, you never know when you will be writing together again!"

Never say never, right, Bethany? Because, as you said, you never know! :)
Bruno Amato said…
If I didn't look closer, I thought I was looking at 2 of Charlies Angels!!!!
Beth Ciotta said…
I always wanted to be a Charlie's Angel, Bruno. Thanks! 8G8 Woo-hoo!

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