Winners and An Update

Popping in to announce randomly chosen winners from my 'What's His Story' Post. Thanks to everyone who contributed. Your creativity is inspiring! High tech person that I am (*snort*), I pulled three names out of a hat (Of which I own several, but never wear. Don't ask.). And the winners are.... Cynthia, Kristen and Charlene. If you'd like one of my books just email me at with the title of the book of your choice and a mailing address. You can check out the selection here.

In other news... still working on revisions.
Good news... I'm in the homestretch.


Cynthia said…
Oh, thank you! What a wonderful way to start a Sunday morning. Email to you forthcoming.
Beth Ciotta said…
Congrats, Cynthia. Got your email. JINXED it is. :)
Charlene Teglia said…
Woohoo! Thanks, Beth! I'll send you an email.
Beth Ciotta said…
Got your email, Charlene. Will do! :)
Kristen Painter said…
Woohoo! Yeah me! lol

Thanks, off to email you now!

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