Reviews, Advice, and Acts of Courage

Ken Levine is reviewing television's new season in a series of posts. Because of my current deadline, I've been unable to watch the premieres. Nice to know I haven't missed that much.

J. A. Konrath's last two posts, The Five Habits of Highly Neurotic Authors and Time to Make Time were of particular interest to me. I read thinking, "I am not alone!"

Scott Oden exibits wisdom, courage, and grace. A true artist. My admiration for this man, this amazingly gifted writer, just doubled.

Meanwhile I am crunching on revisions that are due in a few short days. Due to day job and dream job, I won't be around much this weekend. Meanwhile YOU can still share a story in the post below. You'll not only make my weekend, you'll be eligable to win one of my books. Winner randomly chosen and announced on Sunday!

So what have you seen around blogosphere? Any 'must reads' to suggest?


Tori Lennox said…
I don't know about Ken Levine, but personally I've been enjoying a fair amount of the new shows. I think my favorite, by far, though, is Jericho, the post-apocolyptic (sp?) show with Skeet Ulrich and Gerald McRaney.
Anna Lucia said…
Julie Cohen is talking about paranormal activity and fake and real psychics on her blog... verr interesting.

Good luck on the revisions! You can do it!
Roni said…
I recently read Julia Quinn's "On the Way to the Wedding" and loved it! If you like historical regencies full of humore, try her books. AND< I finished "Lasso the moon" last week and thought it was GREAT!
Bethany said…
there is a blogsphere? Really? It's been crazy here too... so much I've decided I need to take a bloggy break. You know, to keep my sanity.

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