Librarians Are Hot

Yesterday while driving to another branch of our county library to get re-badged (I lost mine. Typical!), I passed a marquee that said: ENTERTAINERS WANTED! APPLY INSIDE!

I'm pretty sure they meant EXOTIC DANCERS WANTED as the place was a strip club. Although they are performing and the audience is certainly entertained, so it's not like it was false advertising. Regardless, even though I am an unempolyed entertainer, I did not stop and apply.

A few minutes later, I whizzed passed another marquee. SEEKING PERFORMERS! AUDITION INSIDE! Yup. Another strip club.

Later, while at the library, awaiting the badging process, I skimmed a local enertainment guide to Atlantic City. No less than three casinos have incoming revues featuring Chippendale-like dancers.

Huh. There may not be an over abundance of work for lounge singers in this town, but there seem to be mulitudes of opportunities for themed dancers willing to bare some skin.

Hmm. Maybe I could work up a sexy librarian act. (If any of my sisters are reading this, no, of course I'm not serious.) Although, I do feel a story idea coming on. *g* Seriously.

Never thought of a librarian as fantasy material? click here and learn why librarians (and libraries) are hot!


Mary Stella said…
I bet your husband thinks you're the hottest librarian around, Miss B!
Tori Lennox said…
I'm with Mary Stella. :)
Kelly said…
Hee hee hee! :-) I would totally buy a book about a sexy librarian and boopkpimp it to all my library friends. :-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Mary, fortunately, I do believe he does. ;) Although he does often say... "Now, if you were only wearing high heels..." *rolling eyes* Men.
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to Tori. ;)

Kelly the bookpimp. Ha! Love it. Also loved your post today on Banned Books. Check it out everyone.
Anonymous said…
Can I just tell you kids were always getting caught "hooking up" at the library at the University. The third floor was known as a make-out spot!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Talk about your 'hot spot', eh, Anon? Speaking of hooking up at the University library, did you ever see that episode of 'Friends' where the kids made out in the section where Ross's book was shelved? Very funny. :)
Bethany said…
Heh, heh.... completely see a story forming there. Even for myself. Ha!
Beth Ciotta said…
I can hear your wheels turning, Bethany!

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