Roni said…
Thank you, Beth, for showing this moving photo. I saw the photographer interviewed on News 12 NJ and he didn't realize when he took it that it would be compared to the famous photo of marines at Hirojima.
Today was a very emotional day for me, and many. Our town--in western NJ--lost several people in the 911 attack. One woman was a school aide who'd just retired, and was on the plane that went down in PA. My neighbor's son worked across the street from the towers and came home--a day later--in shock. My sister lives in the city and was afraid the UN would be next--close to where she lives. There are so many tales to tell, some so sad, others of heroism. One of the hardest articles I ever had to write for our local paper was about how our community was affected by that day--interviews with survivors and those who'd lost family and friends. I cried as I watched the news today. Our world will never be the same.
Thank God there are people like you, Beth, spreading optimism and hope and laughter through your books. We are lucky to live in a country where we are free to write, and read, what we want. Democracy forever.
Beth Ciotta said…
That's a very touching post, Roni. Thank you for sharing your heart and words. I couldn't wrap my mind around a fitting tribute via words and that's why I opted to post that very moving picture. A picture that I thought in many ways, said it all.

Spreading optimism, hope, and love is indeed a wondrous thing and bless any one and every one who does!

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