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Today author HelenKay Dimon posted a story about where she and a few fellow writer/friends were two years ago... and where they are now. By hopping around blogosphere, I was aware of most of these ladies triumphs. I applauded the sales as they trickled in, thrilled to see a writer's dream come true. I guess I didn't realize how the sales had accumulated. To see each author listed with multiple sales to mutiple houses... and all within a two year span? Wow. It's darn amazing.

Of course, these multiple sales would not have happened if not for the writers' dedication to craft, determination to succeed, and perseverance in the field. If you don't know this already--Psst. Here's a scoop. Pursuing a career in publishing ain't for wimps.

Five Things I've Learned on My Journey
1. Develop a thick skin
2. Hone your craft
3. Network
4. Set goals

and the big one...

5. Never give up

"Success is the good fortune that comes from aspiration, desperation, perspiration and inspiration." ~~Evan Esar


Bruno Amato said…
Beth, I think #5 is the key...Never Give Up!...or as Winston Churchill once said..."Never, Never, Never Give Up. :)
Cynthia said…
I have to agree with Bruno completely. Never give up. I think #1 is just as important however. Having a thick skin, at least in regard to your work, is also pretty important. I'll be forever thankful for the writing workshops I took in college. It really opened my eyes to what people will and won't like and the reasons behind it. It also taught me to just smile and nod and move on.
Constance said…
"Never give up! Never Surrender! Never check to see if your socks match!"

Hmm. Not sure if that is an exact quote or not. I think I sense garden gnomes at work here...
Beth Ciotta said…
Well said, Bruno. Or should I say, Churchill. *g* But you are right. It is the essential to cling to 'the dream', what you are driven to do, and press on. There's always HOPE!

Cynthia, having a thick skin will help one not to give up. Don't get me wrong, I still feel the occasional 'ouch'. Beneath this armor is a very sensitive being. Hence the armor. LOL I think I have an advantage in publishing as I started out in entertainment. I've been enduring rejections and critisism for years, much of it in your face as oppossed to written form. :) I love your summation... "It also taught me to just smile and nod and move on."

Keep rockin', Cynthia!
Beth Ciotta said…
Okay. So maybe the garden gnomes aren't so bad. *pumping fist in the air with Constance* "Never surrender!"
Never give up is defintely the phrase that leads to success.

What helped me more than anything were these words from Aaron Brown of CNN: Persistence will win over beauty and talent every time.

Beth, I LOVE looking back at personal history and finding the writers who have succeeded. My latest paperback release features stories from Jaci Burton, Shannon Stacey and me. What many don't know is we all started out together, unpublished and hopeful. We even formed our own group to cheer each other on. Now, five years later, we're in a book together, AND we share the same editor.

How cool is that?

If one of us had given up, this wouldn't have happened.

But no one gave up.


Such a lovely word.

Tori Lennox said…
I've been feeling lately that my writing is pretty flat and dull, but I still keep plodding along, so I guess I'm sticking with #5. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Interesting quote from Aaron Brown, Ann. Makes you think. Okay, so lump me in with the people who didn't know you, Jaci Burton, and Shannon Stacey had a history. How wonderful that you all knew each other when! :)

The book Ann is referring too everyone is called GOING THE DISTANCE. Published by Elloras Cave which means it's HOT. :) Ann, Jaci, and Shannon are all very talented. Wishing you laides mega sales for GOING THE DISTANCE. You can see the cover at http://annwesleyhardin.blogspot.com
Beth Ciotta said…
Tori, my writing usually starts striking me as dull and flat when I've been working on one particular story, revising chapters, scenes, over and over. And over. LOL

Is that maybe what's happening with you? Sometimes all it takes is a couple of days away to rediscover the joy in a story. Then again sometimes it just means pushing on and trusting our critique partners when they assure us the story is "not crap." :)
Constance said…
Maybe it's a case of "familiarity breeds contempt". The more you work on a piece, the more faults you find in it. I think there is a fine line between editing and editing the life out of a piece. I've done that. Now I know to do like Beth says, and let something sit a while to look at it with fresh eyes.

Which is why I keep many projects going at once. – Caveat: Not recommended for a person who is into closure. It will drive them nuts.
Tori Lennox said…
Well, I figured out today that I've been writing this story for 63 days straight, but it's been new stuff every day, not rewrites. I'm probably just ready for it to END. *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
"I think there is a fine line between editing and editing the life out of a piece."

I couldn't agree more, Constance! A very fine line. As far as working on more projects at once, I used to be able to do that when I wrote with a partner (waving to Cyn, the woman you invited to join you and Scott into ruling the world!). When our collaborative work was in her hands, I could tinker with a diffrent story. Now that I'm writing solo (as is she) and due deadlines, I have to focus. One story at a time! But believe me I often yearn to wander. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
63 days straight, Tori!? Er, maybe you just need a day off? Rest your brain? Refill the creative well? :) As far as jonesing to write THE END, I'm right there with you!
Larissa said…
Sigh...I'm still working on those five, but I think the toughest for me is #1!

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