Dinosaur Slang

After doing a cold read on some chapters for me last week, one of my significantly younger sisters (waving to Barb) asked: "So, your heroine is hip, right? She's not a geek, right?"

Me: "No, she's not a geek. Why?"
Sis: "No one says 'Frenching' anymore."

I was genuinely shocked.

Me: "Really? Then what do they call it?"
Sis: "Kissing."
Me: "No, I mean when there's tongue involved."
Sis: "Kissing. It's just called kissing. No one calls it Frenching."
Me: "I do. Maybe it's a generation thing."
Sis: "I have friends your age. They don't say Frenching."
Me: (grasping at straws) "Maybe it's a regional and generation thing."
Sis: (unconvinced) "Maybe."

I'll be the first to admit, I'm not up on the latest hip slang or what's considered dinosaur slang. I still say 'cool' which is probably 'uncool.' My heroine is close to my age so she can be a wee bit out of step, but I don't want her to come off like a total goober geek. So I substituted kissing for Frenching which read just fine. It's just that for moi, Frenching conjurs a slightly different visual. No big whoop, but I gotta know...

Be honest. Does anyone else out there think of open-mouthed kissing with tongue as 'Frenching'? Or am I a *gasp* living in the stone age? :)


Mary Stella said…
Sorry, sweetie. I don't think of it as Frenching anymore, but it didn't bother me that Evie used the term. I remember when we called it soul kissing. Tongue kissing didn't sound anywhere near as hot. LOL
Tori Lennox said…
I don't use the word "Frenching" either, but I say "cool" ALL the time. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Soul kissing. I never heard that before, M. That's nice.

Tori, cool. :)
robynl said…
I still call it French kissing.
Gabriele C. said…
Lol, I've never heard the word frenching before. Things you can learn while spending too much time browsing your blogroll .... :)
Bethany said…
So, yes i know what french kissing is, and I used this term when I was a teenager. But now... not so much.

But man, kissing just doesn't give it the same punch does it?

I'd have to see it used in context for Evie to suggest alternatives though, so I guess I am no help at all! :-) But I must say, this is a fun dilema to have... isn't it!
Jewell said…
Man, I still call it "Frenching"

Beth Ciotta said…
This topic is too funny. Love seeing everyone's responses. So far I have learned that I am not alone (especially seems common with the gals from the midwest like me), although it seems to be an--ahem--archaic term. Oh, and that apparently it was never a common term in Germany where Gabriele resides. So what do they call it over there, Gabriele? :)
Brooks said…
I didn't know that the term French kissing was passe'. But I'd rather hear it described in hot lingering detail anyway.

"As their lips came together softly, the lips parted longingly. The exchange of breath was sweet and warm as their exploring tounge tips found each other. Suddenly, the heat was on!"
Gabriele C. said…
Tongue kissing, plain and simple. :)

At least they did when I listened to giggling teenagers at school. At that time, I thought it to be disgusting. ;)
Anna Lucia said…
Nope, not frenching. Wouldn't occur to me to describe it that way.

Now snogging I might use... ;-) But I suspect that's a Brit thing.

And that may be way out of date, too!
Beth Ciotta said…
Why, Brooks, you sexy man you. :) Hot lingering detail Got it. Hee-hee.

Tongue kissing, eh, Gabriele? Well, it certainly is a direct. :) LOL on thinking it was disgusting in your youth. I was a late bloomer. Didn't even really know about 'frenching'. I remember the first time a guy kissed me that way. I felt his tongue and thought, "Hey, is that supposed to be happening? Should I be grossed out?" Heh-heh. My response was timid to say the least. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
LOL, Anna. Snogging is definitely a Brit thing. I've heard it in a few Brit films and also ran across that term when I was researching slang for a British character. So I don't think you'll fall into geekdom should you use 'snogging'. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hey, just thought of this one. What about 'making out'? Is that dinosaur slang too? :)
Cheryl said…
I still call it french kissing. I like something to differentiate between a quick peck on the lips as opposed to a deeper, emotion-filled kiss. But maybe that's just me. :)
Maureen said…
LOL okies i still call it frenching then again i still say cool... Kewl

I snuck over to Wikipedia and this was what I found under make out kissing

Another, older name for 'French kissing' is cataglottis, from cata (down), glottis (throat).

It is known colloquially as tongue wrestling, tonsil tennis, tonsil hockey.

In the British Isles the phrases snogging, pashing or getting off are common. In parts of Northern England it is sometimes known as doing a Frankie or more recently a "meet", while in many parts of Ireland it is referred to as meeting or shifting someone.

In South India, the term English kiss is used. Since old south Indian movies didn't show deep kissing, people got the chance to see them only in British films which are rarely released or dubbed in local languages like Tamil or Telugu.

In Italian, the act is known as "limonare", literally "to lemon".

In Quebecois French, it is known as "frencher".

During the period of poor relations between the United States and France just prior to the onset of the 2003 invasion of Iraq, French kissing was humorously euphemized as "Freedom Kissing" in a parody of "Freedom Fries".
Jordan Summers said…
I vaguely remember the term frenching. I don't think it was the common slang where I grew up. Hmm...scratches head. Of course, I was out of touch quite a bit.
Beth Ciotta said…
Another Frencher! Thanks, Cheryl. :) So good to know I am not alone.

If Frenching wasn't common slang where you grew up, Jordan, what term was used? Just curious.
Beth Ciotta said…
Maureen, you are a wealth of info. I totally enjoyed that. Thanks! I can tell you one thing. I won't be using 'cataglottis'. :) It just sounds, I don't know, like a kitty-cat's throat infection.

Funny that in South India they refer to it as English kissing. My sister just told me a cute story about one of my nephews (when he was younger) spying a couple 'tongue wrestling' and he commented something to effect of, "Eew. They're Spanish kissing." We're pretty sure he meant French and got his countries mixed up. :)
laurie514 said…
My sweet Beth ,
I'm only a couple years younger ,but I guess "I never really like that word so I never used it.I don't hear anyone else say it, only kissing. I think in my time it was called sucking face?!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Laurie! Where have you been hiding? :) I've heard 'sucking face'. I've also heard 'swapping spit'. Er, not exactly romantic, eh? :)
T-Lo said…
It's "making out" usually with tounge envolved. When I literally think about the term, it seems weird to me. I mean, how does one make out? And make out what exactly?

Don't fret though, Beth. One young adult book I read called it "snogging". Now, maybe I'm not with my generation, but I'm 99.99999% sure both past and present generations have ever called it "snogging". Maybe it's a regional thing?

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