Cosmo Saves The Day

I'm in the nail-biting faze of revisions for ALL ABOUT EVIE. Must. Finish. This. Week. I don't have a creative thought to spare, so forget an inspiring or original post. Which means either no post or.... a quiz!

Found this one at Cosmo. Can't go wrong a Cosmo quiz. This one determines your secret-power. Click here, answer a few questions and discover your secret power. My results were pretty true to my personality right down to my own 'Just do it' motto. There were a few misses, but overall my 'profile' was pretty close. I'll include a snippet of what it said about me. I'll also highlight a few of the dream jobs, I have actually already tackled! Be sure to take the test and let us know the results. Here's mine!

Secret Strength: open-mindedness

Words to describe you: unconventional, daring, adaptable, optimistic
Power profile: Some might call you a rebel, but you prefer "nonconformist." You'd rather follow your whims than follow the dress code, and when Nike came out with that "Just Do It" campaign, you thought they were pitching your personal motto. If the world didn't have people with "it's so crazy it just might work!" ideas like you do, there's no way we'd have cell phones, planes, or Napster. (Thanks!) But since spontaneity is your way of life, you tend to be a tad disorganized (just a tad!). Still, you're a charmer who everyone loves being around and who's known for turning even the most boring situation into a total blast.

Dream Jobs: Computer-game designer, fashion editor, novelist, actor, stockbroker, entrepreneur, celebrity publicist, international news reporter, personal trainer, makeup artist, musician, interior designer, master chef.

PS: I can tell you right now the computer-game designer, stockbroker, and master chef gigs... Ha! Those are so not in my stars. *g*


Constance said…
*Tries out evil maniacal laugh* I came up MASTERMIND.

Please. Who ever heard of an ADD Mastermind? I couldn't mastermind my way out of a paper bag without forgetting what I was supposed to do. (Hmm, could be a book there, in the middle of a diabolical plan to take over the world, villian decides to wander off and make a grilled cheese. Humanity is saved. Too Pinky and the Brain-ish?)

Dream Jobs: Medical researcher, photojournalist, magazine or newspaper writer, surgeon, psychiatrist, computer programmer, engineer, college professor, lawyer, advertising executive, economist, detective.

I've been a newspaper photog, presently doing the writer thing, been an engineer, college professor, messed with computers, and worked on being a psychologist. I don't do blood or money, so the others are out. How weirdly accurate is that?
I am also a "Free Spirit." Thanks, Beth, I am completely unable to resist these "find out what you are" type of internet tests. Hmmm...could be generating a book idea here. Or at least a novella.
I'm a free spirit too! No surprises there, really *gg*

Good luck finishing!

you know you can, you know you can...
Tori Lennox said…
Another FREE SPIRIT here (aren't you surprised? *g*). At least now I know what to talk about on my blog today. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Constance-the-Maniacal-Mastermind, love the Pinky and the Brain reference. *snort* Enjoyed seeing the jobs you've tackled so far, too. Holy wow. Quite impressive. And yes, I agree, the results of the quiz were (for me too) weirdly accurate!
Beth Ciotta said…
To my fellow Free Spirits...

Toni... and the title of that novella would be?

Ann, if you had come up as anything OTHER than a free spirit, I would've been floored.

Tori, hopping over to your blog... now. *g*
Scott Oden said…
Ignoring the fact that I just took a quiz from CosmoGIRL, I am a Free Spirit.

I'd rather be a Mastermind. But hey, maybe a Free Spirit could take over the world, too. (Atilla the Free Spirit? Conan the Free Spirit? Yeah, you're right . . . Free Spirit's wouldn't make good world dominators).
Constance said…
*sniffles* I feel so outnumbered. Won't somebody PLEASE help me take over the world? Planetary domination is so much more fun when done in a conga line.

I wanna be a Free Spirit too! Then I have an excuse for wearing mismatched socks...
Beth Ciotta said…
Scott, you win major Brownie points for taking the Cosmo quiz. :) Since you're so keen on dominating the world, I say you high-five Constance so that some sort of secret power transferance happens and she can come over to 'our' side. Brace yourself, Constance, wearing mismatched socks is only the beginning. We Free Spirits are known for out unconventional behavior. You may want to bring along your pointy Vulcan ears.

Scott, then you can step into Constance's former Mastermind shoes and rule the world... or at least your corner of it. Make sure to practice your maniacal laugh. ;)
Constance said…
*Sticks hands in pockets* Scott gets NOTHING until he proves he knows all the words to the Pinky and the Brain theme. Or sings the Yakko's Nations of the World song.

\\//. Live Long and Prosper.
Scott Oden said…
"We're Pinky and the Brain . . . Pinky and the Brain . . . One is a genius, the other's insane. We're Pinky and the Brain . . ."

"What are we going to do tonight, Brain?"

"The same thing we always do, Pinky . . . plan to take over the world!"

I AM old school :) *Cues ManiacalLaughter (tm)* Oh, and I have a mustache I can twirl! :)
Beth Ciotta said…
OMG, Constance! Scott gotcha! He actually knows Pinky and the Brain. Alas the world will never be the same.
Constance said…
But Scott forgot the best parts! "We're laboratory mice, whose genes have been spliced... To prove their mousey worth,
they'll overthrow the Earth..."
I'll still give it to him. *Hands over keys to the Secret Lair* Can I still be the diabolical sidekick?

I took the quiz again and came out - Visionary - That's almost as idiotic as Mastermind, but at least I can blame visions, not scatterbrained-ness for tripping over my own feet. Oh. Wait. Maybe Visionary means I need new glasses. This could be true.

(My word verification is my sidekick name - fjpiwg. Or a type of Welsh candy bar, I'm not sure.)
Beth Ciotta said…
Constance, I see from your blog profile that you write poetry and fantasy... How can you NOT be writing comedy, woman? You slay me! :)
Maureen said…
I am a Visonary! my secret strength: Intuition

Secret Strength: intuition
Words to describe you: idealistic, sensitive, articulate, empathetic
Power profile: You're the ultimate people person. With your excellent listening skills, you "hear" what people aren't saying as well as what they are saying. (Psst! Your gut tells you!) You see right through someone who's putting on a happy face when they're dying inside, and you know just how to get them to open up about it and work through it. Because you divide your energy among lots of people (you've got tons of friends), you sometimes end up putting your own goals on the back burner. Still, when you do dream, you dream big because you not only see what is, but what could be and what should be. It's a rare skill to have!
How to work it: How many times have you ignored your instincts and listened to someone else's advice? And how many times have you thought, "I should've gone with my gut!"? Let that be your mantra, girlfriend. Use that amazing intuition to let your own personal truth lead you to your success. The next time you've got some life dilemma and friends give you their input, go spend some time alone to reconnect with yourself. Write down everyone else's thoughts so you have them (after all, their advice doesn't always suck). Then pretend a friend came to you with this same problem. What would you tell her? That first reaction is what you should follow-even if you have to go against the grain. Whether you want to start your own magazine, direct a film, or do anything that makes someone ask,"How are you ever going to do that?" just know you'll find a way. People in high places will be impressed with your faith in yourself and put a nice paycheck behind it!
Dream Jobs: Activist, kindergarten teacher, psychologist, songwriter, defense lawyer, editor-in-chief, public relations executive, sports recruiter, theater director, talent agent, foreign ambassador, fashion photographer.

Okies so I am gonna quit writing and become an editor or talent agent. *g*
maureen said…
Ack sorry didnt mean to paste the whole thing *hiding red face*
Scott Oden said…
*takes keys* Sure Constance! Now, we must breed an army of genetically engineered garden gnomes, arm them with state of the art weaponry, and unleash them on the unsuspecting inhabitants of a local village!

Let the garden gnome rampage commence! *twirl, twirl, laugh, laugh, twirl*
Constance said…
*Ponders what would constitute "state of the art weaponry" for a garden gnome. Shudders at the implications* You wish is my command, O Evil One.

Beth - I DO write comedy. I once did case notes in iambic pentameter, does that count? I'm happy here in fantasy land with my pointy ears and copy of the Vulcan version of Sir Walter Scott.

My doG! That's it! Garden gnomes shouting in trochaic tetrameter! *gets to work*
Beth Ciotta said…
Maureen, I enjpyed reading the profile of a visionary! Thanks for posting. :) I was pretty happy as a Free Spirit, but after reading that I could be persuaded to join you and your visionary pursuits. ;) Regarding the dream jobs, what? You don't want to be a sports recruiter? Now there's an interesting job for a romantic 'heroine'!
Beth Ciotta said…
Scott and Constance, I bow to your maniacal imaginations and garden gnomes. ;)

Genetically engineered garden gnomes. *shudder* The stuff of nightmares and campy horror movies.
Anna Lucia said…
Ah, I came up Free Spirit, too, which I'm not sure it totally me...

But I think I got confused over this 'crush' business. Was I supposed to be twelve years old? These days, my 'crush' is the person I last accidentally sat on...

Gad, I feel old... ;-)

Oh no! Not the garden gnomes!!!
Cyn said…
I took it twice, and I'm STILL a Mastermind. So, Constance, you are not alone!
Beth Ciotta said…
Anna, I'm guessing 'crush' is some sort of hip word for significant other. But what do know? Maybe I should look it up in the Urban dictionary. LOL

Mastermind, eh, C? Well, I guess I can see that. Although, envisioning you, Scott, and Constance in cohoots is scaring me a little. Anna? Garden gnomes may be the least of our worries!
Constance said…
Cyn- we'll email you the secret garden gnome handshake. (Don't tell Beth. They're really not garden gnomes. They're underpants gnomes. I have pictures.)
Constance said…
Beth, I promised pictures. Here you go.

Remember, you started it!
Bethany said…


Secret Strength: intuition

Words to describe you: idealistic, sensitive, articulate, empathetic

Dream jobs... Activist, kindergarten teacher, psychologist, songwriter, defense lawyer, editor-in-chief, public relations executive, sports recruiter, theater director, talent agent, foreign ambassador, fashion photographer.

At least I have Editor in Chief and songwriter in there... let's hope it works in novelist as well. :-)

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