Breaking Blog Rule #1 (or was it #3?)

According to the rules of 'being a good Blogger', you're not supposed to post if you don't have something interesting or helpful to say. But then that would mean two days since my last post and since I usually blog daily I worried that you'd think what gives? Or that--shudder--you'd give up on me, never to return! So here I am. But without anything interesting to say. Bad blogger.

Yesterday I worked a full day at the library then I came home and spent all evening toiling over revisions on ALL ABOUT EVIE.

I could post about how we rearranged an entire section of the library to make more room for the growing collection of audio books. How incredibly popular audio books are in my area and how I mused on a future where people only 'listened' to books. Nah. I mean, that'll never happen. Right?

I could talk about the challenges of reworking two essential devices in a story. Nope. My time would be better spent 'just doing it.'

Or I could talk about today's post over at Romancing the Blog. A post about why one reader finds women over 40 unappealing as romantic heorines. Oh, yeah. That revved my engine. But it got me on my ageism soap box and I'm not going there today. It's a beautiful Sunday morning. Cool breeze. Sunny skies. I have all day to attack those challenging revisions and I'm in a pretty chipper mood. I'm steering clear of thoughts or places that drag me down or work me up.

Hmm. I could talk about my morning ritual which starts with canine alarm clock--CHEYENNE--licking my face at 7:30 am alerting me that she needs to go outside, followed by BILLIE nudging my hand and whining, "Me, too!" And then SADIE (the cat)standing on my chest and licking my nose with her sandpaper tongue, urging me to "Get up!" because she's starving. And how I always wind up in the backyard at 7:45am in my PJs and Steve's sneakers (don't ask) cleaning up dog poop.

Naw. Like I said, nothing interesting to say. Bad Blogger. *g*


Cynthia said…
But who's to say what's interesting? Interest like beauty is in the eye of the beholder, or reader in this case. But don't worry, I don't think people are going to abandon your blog just because you take the weekend off. I didn't.

Hope you enjoy your Sunday. Sounds like you got the day we had yesterday. Today it looks rain here. Oh well, it might help me get some of the housekeeping done that I've been ignoring for way too long.
Tori Lennox said…
I never let not having anything to say stop me. *g* My posts are frequently about nothing.

I mused on a future where people only 'listened' to books. Nah. I mean, that'll never happen. Right?

Lord, I hope not! I'm not an audio person. I comprehend stuff much better visually.

Re: heroines over 40, don't get me started. Geez. Maybe I'd better avoid RTB today...
Beth Ciotta said…
Interest in in the eye of the beholder. True, true, Cynthia. And thanks for not giving up on me. :)

We've had a few back to back rainy days (after weeks of no rain at all!). It was a tad gloomy for awhile there. But you're right. Rainy days make for good housework days. Put on some kickin' music and wrestle those dust bunnies. :)
Alison Kent said…
Not to be rude, but what a limited outlook on life that post at RTB brings to mind. I'm 48 and have been on my honeymoon now for almost 9 years!
Beth Ciotta said…
Tori, so you're like the Seinfeld of blogosphere? *g*

Re: Audio books. If I had to deal with long commutes, I'd give them a try. I bet they're pretty easy to get lost in, given the 'reader' is somewhat animated. I mean think back on the pre-TV days. Folks listened to thier favorite dramas/comedie via the radio. Still, if my hands and attention are free (measning I'm not driving), I prefer to lose myself in the written pages.

Re: RTB today. The good news is, I just hopped over and there ARE readers who see the many and wondrous reasons and over 40 woman can make a great romantic lead. YAY!
Cynthia said…
Oh and the audio books thing. I don't want to imagine a world without physical books. I for one, haven't been able to get my mind wrapped around audio books. Like, why do the release abridged versions of books in audio?

Besides, I've had way too much programming that when I plug into my audio devise (these days mp3 player with headphones) I'm using the music to focus on work or to mediate. I have one audio book that's actually on my mp3 player and I still haven't listened to it completely. Probably good that I actually read the book first. Oh, wait, just remembered I have a second audio book. Read that one in paperback too. Why did I buy them then? Because I happen to have crushes on both authors and they narrated the audio books. I'm such a silly girl sometimes.
Beth Ciotta said…
Alison, I just read your comment over at RTB. I couldn't have said it better!
Beth Ciotta said…
Cynthia, a lot of audio book patrons specifically ask for the unabridged version. Most of our patrons are avid book lovers. Some have long commutes, some failing eyesight. Some like to listen while they exercise or houseclean. At any rate, they want the story as the author wrote it. Not edited WAY down. Hmm. I wonder who decides what to cut? Does the author or the author's editor have any say in that I wonder? Anyone know?
Cynthia said…
I do understand the appeal of audio books. I know a lot of quilters who listen to audio books while they quilt. I just know I couldn't. It takes me weeks to fully explore a new music cd when I get because I'm always doing something else when I listen to music.

The editing of the audio books bugs me. Why put out a shorter version in audio and not in print? I mean if there is so much that can be removed without losing the plot then why was it in the book in the first place? I suspect I could rant on this for a while but I won't. However, now my brain is spinning on the notion of listening to an abridged audio book while reading the actual book and seeing what's missing. Yeah, like I have that kind of free time.
Olga said…
Beth, you're a great blogger! As for audio books, I thought about giving them a try when I had a long commute but never got to it. I think they might be a nice idea in such situation. As for 40something women making a great romantic lead - absolutely!
Beth Ciotta said…
I can't imagine listening to an audio book while quiltng, Cynthia. Granted, I don't know how to quilt, but I couldn't split my attention even if I did. LOL It's different with music. You can just enjoy it, feel and absorb it. You don't have to pay keen attention like you would with an audio book. I'd be worrying over sticthes or patterns and next thing I know a chunk of plot would whiz by, in one ear and out the other. But that's just me. More power to those multi-tasking ladies!

As to the editing of books, I see what you mean. If parts can be edited out and the story still makes sense, why were they needed in the first place? Well, I assume those parts provided layers, color, or perhaps secondary plots or characters that weren't essential to the main story. This must be what happens when they make a novel into a screeplay. The movie usually (not always) lacks the depth or complexity of the novel simply because they edited so much out for time's sake.

Speaking of novels, this comment is turning into one. *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Olga! I take that as a great compliment as you are such a wonderful blogger yourself. Thanks you. :) And yay for older heroines. You're not alone. Another visit to RTB showed that lots of women feel the same way. Did my heart good!
Bruno Amato said…
Beth, You're blog is's OK to not post every day....sometimes you just need a break....and my cat Blackie religiously gets me up at 5:30am, she feels that's when she should be having breakfast :) and I hear that term Donka Donk in a song....I think by Missy Elliott???? It does sound funny :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Oh, Bruno. 5:30am?! Man, oh, man. Blackie wakes up with the chickens! Okay. I will never groan again when Sadie nips my nose at at 7:30am. In your world, that would actually be sleeping in. LOL

B Donka Donk. My new favrite word. *g*
Constance said…
Beth, Sometimes it's just nice to know other people have 2 dogs, a cat, and mundane chores like poop scooping. I try and blog about writing poetry, but my last two posts were about the dogs in my life. Sometimes they are more important. :)

As far as audio books... I always look for unabridged. I want every word the author intended. I often have to drive either 2 or 4 hours to another city to train, across some very barren landscapes. I love where I live, but you can only play roadkill bingo for so long. Audiobooks make the time pass faster. --> Audiobooks on the iPod playing through the speakers in the car. Best thing since sliced bagels!
Bethany said…
I think I'll be eternally labelled as the *bad blogger.* Seriously. Most days, I have anything BUT interesting posts....

Regardless, if you are happy and chipper while doing revisions--it's definitely news to me. ;-)
Beth Ciotta said…
Constance, LOL on the mundane chores. Do you think someone like, I dunno, Elizabeth Taylor or Queen Elizabeth, ever scooped dog poop or cat litter? Or maybe they have an offical pooper scooper. I'd like me one of those. LOL

As to those commutes, gads, they're long. Thank goodness for audio books, eh? Um, I'm probably going to regret this, but what the heck is 'roadkill bingo?'
Beth Ciotta said…
Bethany, it's all subjective as Cynthia pointed out. I always find your blog posts interesting. :)

As for happy and chipper, that's before and after working on revisions. During, I'm, uh, focused and numb. LOL
Constance said…
Beth, I thought I read Queen Elizabeth takes care of her Corgis by herself... but I don't think that extends to poop scooping. Be interesting to find out if there is a Royal Pooper-Scooper.

Road kill bingo? Um, more fun with two people, but identify and count the species splattered by teh side of the road. Or on the road. It's a brutal state. I once counted 57 dead rabbits in a 12 mile stretch of road, and I'm sure I missed a few. Did I mention any type of quality entertainment is few and far between out here??

(Word verification- jrqpoi
Def. A culinary delight obtained when you transplant a Hawaiian to Jamaica and promise them a road trip. Jerked Poi.
Beth Ciotta said…
Heh-heh, Constance. Ye Royal, Pooper Scooper! Yes, but what's his uniform like, I wonder? What kind of hat does he get to wear? *g*

Roadkill Bingo. Yes, well, I was afraid it was something like that. 57 dead rabbits in a twelve mile strecth? Gee, don't you think, after witnessing the demise of so many of theirfurry brethren, that the bunnies would get the message: Don't cross the road! *Sigh*

word verification: dezspeku
def: The Dutch word for Norwegian roadkill.
Roni said…
You're busy writing and doing your jobs so if you can't post every day, that's cool! I personally always enjoy seeing photos of Billie, Cheyenne and Sadie.
Beth Ciotta said…
Roni, I tried to snap a shot of Cheyenne catching her frisbee yesterday, but couldn't get it. I also want to get one of her and Billie and her and Sadie wrestling! Stay tuned!
laurie514 said…
Hey Beth,
Vacation,Back to school,wedding ,Disney Hersheypark etc.etc.I'm like a bag lady.
I also go out in my PJ's like at 6:30am to pick up poop with my husband big sneakers .I try and act invisable but someone always says Hi !Laurie or Hi Mrs K.
Yeah yeah Hi yourself I'm invisable. I miss you too!

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