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This is a Blog By. Zipping off to participate in a workshop for the library. A workshop I forgot about until late last night. Yikes! Then I have to finish up and print out my revised manuscript. TOMORROW is D-Day. Due Day. Then I have to revise a synopsis for the next book, also due this week. And then . . .

Yeah. It's one of those weeks. So much to do, so little time. I'll try to check in later today with a more reading-worthy post. Just now... gotta run.



Anna Lucia said…
qzqSounds like you're oh-so-nearly-there, Beth! Go you!
maureen said…
*inhaling after reading the post in one breath and Tossing a package of godiva chocolates at the blur!* wow woman! who needs pilates LOL good luck with everything!
Jordan Summers said…
Congrats on finishing those revisions/edits!!! I'm sure it'll be a relief once you get over the exhaustion. :)

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