Beth Gets Hip (Sort of)

Yesterday, my quest to know whether any one refers to tongue-kissing as Frenching anymore continued at the library. Taylor, Denise, and I were working the circulation desk. Denise is around my age, but has teenage kids. Taylor is a senior in high school. Taylor also frequents this blog. He informed Denise and I that kids today call it 'making out'. A woman standing within earshot who was browsing the 'new book' section, piped in, "They also call it 'hooking up'. I know. I'm a teacher." Taylor said, "Er, that could refer to a few things." *cough* I can imagine.

Anyhow the teacher trailed off and the three of us became immersed in an interesting conversation about today's slang. Out of the three of us I am definitely the least in tune. "If you ever want to know what a current slang word means," Denise said, "go to the Urban Dictionary." So I did. Wow.

The first word I zoned in on: Down Low or D-lo. Instead of saying, "This is a secret," they say, "Keep it on the down low." (or d-lo)

B Donka Donk. That one caught my eye just beacause it sounds humorous. It means "...a girl with a kickin' booty." Which, I learned as I read more, is kind of a Jennifer Lopez (or J-lo) kind of tush. Hey. I sort of have one of those. So if I hear someone say "Beth's gotta B Donka Donk," should I be flattered or insulted? I'm not sure. I guess I prefer that to: "Beth's gotta big butt." At least B Donka Donk makes me smile.

Those were just two of many slang words listed at Urban Dictionary. If you ever hear a phrase you don't recognize, you might want to check it out there. It's probably especially helpful for parents with teenagers. Although, be warned, some of the phrases and their meanings are very graphic. Maybe you don't want to know that your kid's ... um... sexually active.

My thanks to Taylor (T-Lo) for the education and chuckles. Please hop over to his new blog Life or Something Like It and welcome him to blogosphere!


Barb said…
Hey, Does anybody remember the term "bucko"??

Oh, I crack myself up!!!
Tori Lennox said…
Hey, there's a country song called "Honky Tonk B Donka Donk". I don't remember who sings it, though. It's pretty catchy. *g*
Barb said…
Trace Adkins sings that song. it was a major hit. pretty funny video too. Lots of hot girls with hot buns.
Beth Ciotta said…
Ah, now there's a blast from the past, Barb. "Bucko." I used to use tht all the time, but of course you would remember. :) Believe I lifted that from the 70s sitcom Happy Days. When good-boy Ritchie Cunningham was miffed that's what he'd call someone. "Listen here, Bucko..." Yeah, that really had the Fonz shaking in his motorcycle boots. :)
Gabriele C. said…
Lol, writing Historical Fiction has a few advantages. ;)
Jordan Summers said…
I stopped reading at C-shocker...blink...blink...blink. Boy was I boring in school.
I figured someone would beat me to mentioned the Trace Atkins song.

Thanks for the link. I think it shall be helpful in writing. LOL and pointing out how much I don't know.
Jennifer Elbaum said…
I use the urban dictionary all the time. It makes me feel SO old. On the other hand, I was always behind on slang even when I was a teenager, too bad we didn't have the internet then!

Last word I looked up is "twerking". It's in that insanely catchy Justin Timberlake song and it has a much cleaner meaning than I thought it would.
maureen said…
did you see french kissing is in it? See you are still in the know!
FeyRhi said…
My 9 year old exclaimed the other day "Mum that is just sick!" I had to ask her in which way she meant it. LOL She is just starting to stretch her slang wings.

I got a "yo mom wuts the stitch?" from her too. I asked her where she heard that one and she said "Kim Possible" (disney cartoon) I guess it can't be that bad. I'm more worried about what she will learn at school.

Thanks for the link. I have a feeling I'll be using it.
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabriele, yeah, but you've got specific historical slang to contend with. Is there a ditionary for that??

Jordan, I'm pretty sure you weren't boring. I beting you were normal in 'your school days'. Like me. LOL It's a whole new--scary--world.
Beth Ciotta said…
Mechele, good to know I'm not the only one not-in-th-know. *g*

Jen, I'm right with ya. Nothing like reading today's slang to make you feel old. Twerking? What the heck is twerking? *Heading over to the U.D.*
Beth Ciotta said…
Maureen, Frenching was ther?! I didn't see it! Must go look. I'm not totally un-hip. Yippee!

Feyrhi's daughter said: "yo mom wuts the stitch?"

Um... and the translation for that would be??? :)
Cheryl said…
Ooh, we watch KP (Kim Possible) here too. But I think KP asks Wade "What's the sitch?", short for "What's the situation?" when she's off to save the world. There, now I don't feel totally clueless and out of the loop. lol.
Gabriele C. said…
it's more to avoid anachronisms than finding a specific slang which often is not known. I know a few Latin colloquials from the Pompeii graffitti that could work in a novel, but the language of the Mediaeval chansons de geste is way to rhethoric to work in a todays book.

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