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This morning I joined Billie and Cheyenne in the backyard as they went about their morning biz. Actually, I always join them. They get into trouble if left alone. Anyway, there was a breeze, a feeling in the air. Fall. Fall is on its way, I thought. Wow.

Instead of thinking about how much I love the season--the weather, the holidays--I thought about 2007. It's only four months away. I have two books coming out in 2007. ALL ABOUT EVIE (HQN, May) and ROMANCING THE WEST (Medallion Press, July). I need to do some heavy duty promoting. Promoting takes time and planning, oh, and money. I need to be selective. I need to start preparing now because, in addition to promoting those two titles, I also need to write, beginning to end, two more books within that same year. I didn't juggle promoting and writing so well this past year. I need to do better.

I'm considering and weighing, pros and cons, of my promotional options. I'm zeroing in on my blog, my website, online romance reader sites, organized readers groups, conferences, contests, and giveaways. Over the next couple of days, I'll be asking some questions and I really hope to hear from regulars and lurkers. I assume anyone visiting here is either a reader or writer or someone within the entertainment industry which means you also read and/or write. I should know. I'm one of you. LOL Any and all thoughts would be greatly appreciated.

QUESTION #1 -- This Blog

One of my goals for next year is increasing readership at this blog. I can sort of track readership via the site meter. Some of you visit almost daily. Some of you I know personally, some I've come to know via blogosphere. Some visit regularly but have never commented, so I'm in the dark as to who you are, but thank you for coming! Some people pop in once and never return. I'd like to here from lurkers and regulars. You can sign in anonymously if you like. Here comes the question part...

* How did you find this blog?

* What keeps you coming back?

* If you're a newcomer, or only pop in once in a blue moon, what would inspire you to visit more often?

Thank you in advance for your help!


ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, Sister Dear and I met you at RT-NYC and it just happened that you were also visiting our readers group the following month. We loved you and still do and the rest is history. We tell all the friends and family about you and how they have to buy your books and visit the website.
Tori Lennox said…
How did you find this blog?

If I remember correctly, I think I followed you from someone else's blog. :)

What keeps you coming back?

It's interesting! Too vague? I love your entertainment talk, I love hearing about your library work, your writing, and hearing about your babies. :)
Cynthia said…
I found your blog through Alison Kent's blog. I think it was her treasure hunt contest that lead me here the first time. Now I have your blog in my Bloglines feeds so I read you every day, or every day you post. I try to pop over here when you have a new post, but don't always make it.

What keeps me coming back? That's a little harder. I enjoy what you choose to talk about. I like when a writer is comfortable enough to shares part of their life with the blog readers. Some blogs are just about the writing and for as much as I enjoy that, I'd like to get to know the writer a little better. You allow us to do that, so thank you.
Bethany said…
* How did you find this blog?
Surfing the web for romantic comedy authors. As you know I am an author as well, so I like to keep up with what others are doing.

* What keeps you coming back?
Your wonderful personality and insights into starting (and continuing) in this industry.

* If you're a newcomer, or only pop in once in a blue moon, what would inspire you to visit more often?
I come daily when I have the time, when I don't-- I catch up. :-)
Constance said…
Hi Beth

I followed you over from your posts on Scott Oden's blog. I'm always interested in finding interesting writer's blogs, read through yours and from your comments on Scott's blog and ramblings here, I'll probably keep you in my morning blog read lineup. :) I like to support authors who give back to their fans in the way of info and insights into the business. Besides, anyone who would cater to their spouse's Animaniacs obsession is okay in my book!

I like to hear about trials and tribulations of hte business (being a fledgling writer) and I love following threads around the blogsphere and finding new people and interesting information.

That and the fact you post on other writer's blogs is a great thing. Keeps the community interactive.
Anonymous said…
Hi Beth-I followed you from another's blog. Not sure whos!

You uplift my day and provide the type of information I am needing to support my own writing. You are inspirational and fun!

I check in from my day job-so it's hard to comment, but I love reading yours and several other blogs that share how you live and how writing fits in. Yours is the first one I check! Keep doing what you are doing-it is great!
Have a great day!
Beth Ciotta said…
My first chance to check in this afternoon. My first thought was, YES, just what I was hoping for! My second thought was, YAY, I'm also hearing from people I rarely or never hear from. Bonus!

I actually learned something valuable from each comment thus far. Each one triggered an ah-ha moment or an idea for the future. I can't thank you enough. This really helps. I hope others will add their two-cents throughout the day.

I want to thank all of you for sharing your thoughts. I know it's difficult sometimes, especially for people like Ellen who typically read my blog while at work. I do the same thing during down time at the library. I read blogs. But it's rare that I have the time to comment. So thank you very much, Ellen (and whoever chimes in from their day gig) for risking/squeezing in a comment.

Cynthia, Constance, and Ellen--thank you for de-lurking and helping me out. Much appreciated!

Elsie, Tori, and Bethany--hugs as always!
Maureen said…
How did I find this blog?

I found you through Mary Stella. Another thing I have to be thankful to her for! I am so glad she introduced us! Found a great author to read! and a very nice person as well.

What keeps me coming back?

I love your entries. You have such a great way of expressing yourself, bringing us into your world and coming up with interesting topics. You ask questions that prompt us to participate. I also enjoy that you take the time to respond to people who comment. It's nice to know comments have been read.

HUGS its a great place to visit!
Roni said…
I found your blog because I like visiting websites of my fellow NJ auhors and friends...and because I love your books I was going to your website often. I also love your sense of humor; your upbeat attitude; your keen observations; and also--the fact that you are an animal lover! :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Maureen, Mary's the best, isn't she? :) Thank you for sharing your thoughts. As for responding to comments I enjoy the back and forth. I don't get out much *g* so it's nice to come here and socialize with you all. Obviously, we have common interests, and also I usually learn something. :)

Roni, I'm so glad you pop in as often as you do. You're always a ray of sunshine! Animal lovers unite!!
Anna Lucia said…
Sela Carsen was talking some good sense about promotion these last couple of days...

Your Questions:-

1) I followed a link from a post at RTB, I think

2) You.

3) I'd visit more often if I had more time!
Leippya said…
I can't remember how I found your blog, it's from too long ago. Very probably a link on another blog.

You're one of the blog I try to visit even when time is tight, because it's refreshing to read you, your posts are never too long, always well-spaced and not headaches-inducing. I like the way you speak here, it really feels nice - a warm place. I don't usually comment because I don't usually have anything to say or add, but I enjoy reading, and I even learn stuff sometimes ;)
Gabriele C. said…
I think I found your blog on someone else's blogroll (Scott Oden? but I'm not sure). It's fun and informative, and you keep up a conversation with your commenters, so I keep coming back. *grin*
I followed the link from Mary's blog.

Your blog is interesting, I love your posting style. That keeps me coming back. When you had RSS feed, I read it more reguarly, now I try and pop over once a week or once every two weeks as time allows.
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