Nominations and Awards

There are days when I stare at my computer screen thinking, what am I going to blog about? Those are the days when I feel I have nothing interesting to contribute or when I'm overloaded and too drained to put proper thought into a post. This is not one of those days. Or weeks. I have a list of topics to address. News to share, good and disappointing. I have a lot to say!

This morning my list got shoved aside when I opened my business e-mail. I had a lovely note from The Cata Network informing me that LASSO THE MOON is a single title nominee for their 2006 Reviewers Choice Awards! Um. Wow? I clicked over to the list of nominees. Um. Holy wow? I know several of the other authors listed either personally or by reputation. To say that I'm bowled over to have my work nominated along with thiers is an understatement.

You know, I blog-hopped a while back and noticed some bloggers comments on a recent award ceremomy. I could envision them rolling their eyes, when they typed: If I had to hear one more person say it was an honor just to be nominated... That gripe is lost on me because it IS an honor to be nominated for any award. Someone is recognizing your work as special. Why would anyone take that lightly?

I don't typically enter my work into contests. I am not a competitive person by nature. And, quite honestly, I consider finaling, placing, or winning a crap shoot. Judges are people, too. Meaning no matter how objctive they are, personal taste will somehow factor in. It's human nature. I also find it baffling that if five (or however many) books, movies, songs, artists (whatever) have been chosen out of oodles to be the glowing works of the year--how can you vote one the best? Each project or artist was special in thier own way. After winning an award at last year's Oscar Ceremony, actor/Director George Clooney said something to the effect that, unless each actor performed the exact same part, how could you deem one of them the best? I remember perking up and shouting at the screen, "That's what I'm talking about!" Ah, at one with George. *g*

At any rate, I did not enter LASSO THE MOON for consideration for the 2006 Reviewers Choice Awards. This is a result of The Cata Network and their reviewers. That makes it ultra exciting. And, after scanning the list of other nominees, more flattering. Shouting loud and proud from the bottom of my heart, "IT'S AN HONOR TO BE NOMINATED!"

Thank you for the thrill Cata!


Mary Stella said…
WOOOHOOOO. Congratulations, Beth!!!!!!
Cyn said…
CONGRATS, B!!!! You deserve it. Another up for your crazy week.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you, ladies. It was a very nice surprise. :)
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Congrats Beth, LTM was a really fun read, glad it's getting this recognition!
Roni said…
Congrats Beth! I'm not surprised. You are a WONDERFUL writer!
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to Gabriele, Jen, and Roni. Thank you ladies. Means a lot coming from fellow writers. :)
Barb said…
I knew a long time ago that this book was great. Remember me saying "Beth, this is your best work yet!" I'm so proud of you!! XOXOXOXOXO
Maureen said…
Congrats Beth! George knows what he's talking about and the Cata reviewers certainly know talent when they read it! *gopher dancin again* lol keep this up I might have a waistline again soon!
Beth Ciotta said…
Maureen, I think I'll join you in that gopher dance. More fun than a stairmaster. :)

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