Loose Threads

Last night I woke up at 3:40am. I know it was 3:40 am. I squinted at the clock. I woke up because a thought popped into my head, or rather a person. Mary Lee Bernbaum.


Why does she cause me distress, you ask? Because she's a loose thread. Loose threads always haunt my sleeping hours when I'm nearing the end of a story. I lay in the dark, mind churning. I mentally review scenes. Did I fully explain this aspect? Did I ever resolve this dilemma? As a reader, I know I'm disappointed if a writer introduces an aspect into the story and then never goes anywhere with it. Or when they leave something unresolved. I'm not saying I need to have every little detail explained. I have an imagination and sometimes allowing me to draw my own conclusions can be rewarding. But don't set me up for something big and leave me hanging.

Mary Lee Bernbaum is sort of big. This character is a carry over from LASSO THE MOON. She plays an important part in the opening of ROMANCING THE WEST (the story I'm currently writing). An old and on-going issue between this woman and my heroine, Emily, needs to be resolved. In the synopsis I included a scene toward the end of the book that covered this, along with other key realizations/turning points. But in writing the story, that particular scene became unnecessary. Except, I realized at 3:40am, for Mary Lee Bernbaum.

Well, cripes.

If I don't resolve the issue then her role needs to be lessened or striken from the beginning. Without a standoff between Mary Lee and Emily... Mary Lee has no reason to be.

Loose threads. The reason I have bags under my eyes this morning. The good news is my insomnia was not in vain. I think I have the solution. Wish me luck.


Charlene Teglia said…
Goos luck! You'll get those loose threads wrapped up.
robynl said…
I wish you the best in solving the dilema.
Good luck. I know you'll figure it out.
Julia Templeton said…
Best of luck, Beth!
I'm sure you'll tie up all loose threads.
Taylor said…
Beth! A loose thread?! I have the solution! Kill her! Do her off! Have some old-fashioned Western stand-off. Mary vs. the Indians or something! That'd be pretty cool!

I hope you take this ultra-serious comment into consideration. ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Awww. *sniffle* What a fantastic cheerleading squad! Thanks everyone! Taylor, thanks for the chuckle. :)

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