It's All Good

What day is it? (seriously) What's my name?

The past three days I wrote 14-16 hours a day, breaking only to let my dogs outside. I'd step out with them to breathe in some fresh air, to rejuvinate--such as I could in ten minutes. Unlike other deadline crunches, this time I have been sneaking in showers. But even then I still wrote--in my head. As for meals, I've been eating at my desk. Eating while rereading a section to see if it works. Ah, multi-tasking.

I have been sleeping, but I'm mentally fatigued. I look like I haven't slept in days. I'd include a picture, but I'm too vain. *g* Anyhow, can you believe I'M STILL NOT DONE?!

I am, however, very, very close. *g*

I can see it all. Two short chapters and an epilogue. I rarely do epilogues, but this story demands one. Even though I am bone tired, I have to say that I am floating on air. (Although that could be a symptom of mental fatigue.) I LOVE THIS STORY! It's not the story I envisioned. It's better. The characters took over midway through, suprising me again and again. I hope my publisher doesn't refer back to the synopsis I submitted a year ago, because, um, I sorta veered off. Then again I usually veer off, just not this far. But this is better, I swear.

I'm very happy. I'll be even happier when I finish and mail it in. Unfortunately, I have no potential 16 hour writing days left in the week. Today it's back to the real job(s). Today I work at the library. Tonight I perform at Ballys Casino. I'll write in between. Not my preferred way to do it, but it's all good. I'm almost there!

In comments of my previous post, Alison asked, "Do you plan downtime between books?" Gabriele said, "I'm so not looking forward to writing under deadlines." Interesting aspects of a writer's life that I'll address as soon as I turn this book in. Which will be soon. Did I mention I'm very close? *g*


Mary Stella said…
Go, Beth. Go, Beth! You can do it! I'm glad you love the story. You should. It's terrific!
Bethany said…
you GO GIRL! I *love* the after-book high. Really. It is almost better than sex. ;-)

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