Goldberg, Gerritson, and Guyot

This weekend I dove into the revisions for ALL ABOUT EVIE. In addition to killing a lot of my babies, as they say in writer-ville, I'm beefing up the romantic angle and weaving in more details regarding the 'con'. My brain hurts a little, but that's okay. It's all good. Would I have preferred to take a break in between projects? Yes. Like I said, my brain hurts. But these revisions are due at the end of next month. Also due at the same time, a revised synopsis for book two in this series.

My goal is to attack and conquer ahead of time. That way I can take a few days to breathe before diving into the the next contracted book. It all comes down to discipline. Lee Goldberg has a terrific post today. It covers two subjects, discipline and the joys of sceenwriting. Hop over and read. He'll direct you to Tess Gerritson's post on her not-so-joyous screenwriting venture and Paul Guyot's gut-wrenching insight on discipline. Good stuff.


Taylor said…
Beth, thank you very much for this post. As you know, any advice on screenwriting is personally helpful. I have to be honest: for a long time I strayed from writing screenplays. And even if I did, they never finished completion. But, until recently, I have returned back to form. Consider it a comeback for me, but I am back writing and I feel energized and full of ideas - my latest screenplay, a chiller Taylor-style, will personally be finished and that's a promise! I only face two complications: plotting (which I think every author struggles over) and a title. I just can't think of something that fits? I have a temporary title but I doubt it'll last. Any suggestions?
Julia Templeton said…
Great post and a reminder to all of us that discipline is key in any business.
Having said that, I do hope you get a little down time in order to take a deep breath and transition into that next book. I've found a little R&R goes a long way.
Beth Ciotta said…
Taylor, I'm glad you're back at it! I'm pretty good with titles. We'll have to dicuss your project. See what we can come with!

Julie, you are the QUEEN of discipline! :) Glad to know you're getting in a little down time.Your deadlines were brutal. Hugs!

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