Back to My Roots . . . Sort Of

Typically, Sunday is not a high traffic day for this blog. So I'm going to wade into shallow waters. Let's talk about hair.

Last week, after learning that I'd lost performance work, I decided that I needed to find ways to cut expenses. The first thing that came to mind was my hair. As a natural brunette, it costs bukoo bucks for me to be blond. It's a two process procedure (to attain those 'natural' multiple shades) and, as my hair grows fast, it means frequent trips to avoid icky roots. Even Hollywood celebs look a little on the trashy side with two-inches of dark growth, doncha think?

At any rate, at this point in time, being blond seemed a little frivolous. I told myself that it was time to give my hair a break anyway. It's starting to look damaged. I told myself that I could could ear-mark the money I'd save for book promotion. I told myself that I change my hair color more often than Madonna, it's not like going dark was a big deal.

So why did it feel like a big deal? What's so awful about being a brunette? I was born that way. It's the real me. The thought occurred to me that perhaps, deep down, I feared the real me wasn't pretty enough, glamorous enough. That blonds are perceived as sexy and fun, and ... youthful. It occurred to me that I'd been brainwashed by the media, that I'd sold out a little in my effort to appeal to the casino execs who make the entertainment buying decisions. Lightening my hair was a simple way to cheat nature, to look a little younger, more vibrant. I'm not about to indulge in Botox, plastic surgery or breast implants. I'm not even willing to frequent a tanning salon to attain that beach-babe glow, although I confess I did try one of those new self-tanning lotions. Kind of cool, but too much maintanance. So I'm unbelievably pale. What's wrong with that? I was born that way.

Just as I was born a brunette. Suddenly, going back to my roots felt like a statement of sorts. I'm comfortable with who I am. The real me is confident in her natural beauty. Well, mostly. Due to nature, grey hairs are now in the mix. I'm not that rebellious. Not yet anyway. Maybe some day down the pike. I mean Emmy Lou Harris gave into her silver/grey and she looks pretty darn unique.

I thought my hair dresser was going to cry when I informed her of my decision. She's adventurous and to her, one-process hair coloring is boring. I mean it's not like I asked for an all over Kool-aid blue or red. I asked for plain ol' dark brown. Thing is, now that it's done, I don't feel plain or boring. It's kind of striking, the dark hair against my pale skin. I look like me when I was fifteen, minus freckles across my nose, plus wrinkles edging my eyes. I'm not saying that I won't change my color in the future, that I'll never go blond again, because just about the only adventurous streak I have, extends to experimenting with hair color. But for now, it feels good to be 'me'. I feel oddly content and energized.

My friend, Shelly, sent me a fabulous article concerning beauty and older women. It just so happens to target women in entertainment and it has to do with life experience and confidence. It's a concept I'm striving to accept.

How about you? Do you feel pressured, whether male or female, to alter your appearence? Do magazines, television, and movies influence your perception of what's physically attractive?

Hmm. Maybe these waters weren't so shallow after all.


Bruno Amato said…
Beth, Men prefer "brunettes"! least I do:).....I tried the shaved head look a few month's back, and though it helped me land a couple roles, it just wasn't eventhough my hairs thinned a bit in the last few years, I'm gonna stick with the my natural, never thought I'd be responding to a post about womens hair color changes :) Bruno
Tori Lennox said…
I've always had dark hair and the only time I've ever colored it, I went even darker. That was a loooong time ago. Now, like you, the gray hairs are creeping in and it annoys me to no end. I've never had much of a desire to go blonde. My mom's hair is/was black and she went platinum blonde for awhile when I was a kid, though. *g* I'd wouldn't mind going red, though. That could be fun. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
", never thought I'd be responding to a post about womens hair color changes :)"

*snicker* Well, I'm glad you did, Bruno. Because although it started off as a 'hair color' post, it ended up as an observation on how comfortable we feel with our natural looks.

I skipped over to IMBd. There are pics of you there with a shaved head and with your 'natural' look. For what it's worth I think you look great either way, but I'm happy to know that you're not allowing the biz to dictate your look. Go, Jersey man, go!

Hey, everyone be sure to catch Bruno on 'Veronica Mars'. His episode airs October 16th. He's also co-starring on the TV show 'Las Vegas', although--darn--I'm not sure of the air date. Check in at his blog for the latest!
Beth Ciotta said…
Tori, I went red a few times. Different shades. NONE of them looked right with my skin tone. But I do so love red on other women. As to the grey hairs... annoying, aren't they? But tell me this, have you found one in your eyebrows yet?? I did and it was shocking! Not even grey, but stark white! What's that about? Suffice to say it's no longer there. Sometimes tweezers are a girl's best friend. :)
Gabriele C. said…
I've always kept my natural auburn hair, but I do get perms else my hair has that spaghetti look. And I begin to find greys. If they multiply, I'll have to do something about the lot, I don't feel like a grey haired grandma. :)

But for the rest, no botox, brown skin, boobs, bum fat extractions and other stuff. My looks are Celto-Slavic and that's pretty enough for me. Other people I don't care about. Period.

Though I'd like to get rid of some 5 kilo. It's not that I'm into that anorexic Hollywood look, but I have a number of pretty clothes that would fit better if I were a size smaller.
Tori Lennox said…
be sure to catch Bruno on 'Veronica Mars'

I totally will! It's one of my favorite shows. :)
maureen said…
I have wavy hair somewhere between brunette and auburn depending on the season. It goes to frizz in the summer.I never cared much about it, just yanked it up in a ponytail. Now while recoverng from my broken elbow and in a state where I can't pull in up and can't style it, I was frustrated to the point of wanting to try that shaved head look myself. before resorting to that I discovered the hairstylist, she colored my hair to bring out the hightlights of auburn and blew my hair out straight so i dont have to deal with the take over the room frizz. I can get my hair int a ponytail again thanks to PT but i think i will keep going back for the highlights and the occassional straight look.

Oh you know of the heroines I write, none of them ever come to mind as blond.*Blink* maybe its a subconcious rebellion against the dicates of media and society of the sexy woman *shrug*

And Beth, you have a vivacious inner beauty that shines through no matter what your exterior looks like. ((HUGS))
Beth Ciotta said…
I used to do perms eons ago, Gabriele. But the hair dressers never got the kind of curls, loose spirals, that I wanted. I always ended up with fried kink. *sigh* I envy your curls! :)

Um, do I even want to know what bum fat extractions are? I mean I can guess, but, gads. Sounds painful. Pain is NOT my friend. I do know what you mean about wanting to drop a couple of pounds though. I, too, have some really cute clothes that could fit better. And hear I kept telling myself that they shrunk in the wash! LOL
Beth Ciotta said…
Oops, I meant 'here', not 'hear'. Jeez. I really need to start proofing before submitting!

Maureen, you broke your elbow? Are you typing one handed? Man. That's gotta be tough. So sorry. Sounds like your hair stylist perked you up though. The color and style sound pretty. Instead of messing with an elastic band, can you use a big clip for a low ponytail? Maybe that would be easier to handle one-handed.

Interesting that you've never written a blond heroine. *g* I think I've covered about every color of the rainbow with mine, including purple. Although that was temporary.

Thank you for your kind words concerning my inner self. That's what we should be most woried about anyway, right?

Feel better soon!
Roni said…
I hear you Beth. I started touching up my hair (the gray parts) five years ago. I'm almost sorry, since I can't afford to do it as often as it needs and it's a mess to do it myself. I wish I had nice silvery gray strands like some women! Then I'd leave it alone, although people tell me I look better with it colored (I use my natural dark brown).
Now, I've seen you as a brunette and I think you look fabulous. You have nothing to worry about!
I remember when Sofia (in Seduced) dyed her hair purple!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Roni! Yes, indeed Sophia died her hair purple. I was as shocked as Joe. :)
Gabriele C. said…
Beth, seems nothing is impossible for those guys with the knives. You can get your bum fat sucked out as well as the fat in your belly or tighs. And I've heard you can even get silicon in your bum if it doesn't look sexy enough.

Mine's a bit on the bummy side, as the second pic in this blogpost shows. Must be all that riding. :)
Bethany said…
yeah, unfortunately I do get influenced. Especially since my hair- naturally when I was 15 a light brunette--has suddenly turned a dark brown/almost grayish look. Unfortunately I am tied to a bottle. But I don't have a preference for color... and I do like change, so it is just a matter of my mood. And THAT fluctuates (meaning what I like and don't like).

But hey, don't keep us hanging, I want to SEE THE NEW LOCKS!
Beth Ciotta said…
Getting fat sucked out does NOT sound pleasant, Gabriele. Eee-ew. However I love the ictures on yourblog! You look great and that German Wall is very cool!

Hey, Bethany. Actually my 'natural' hair color has changed with age, too. Yup it's darker. And less... um, warm, I guess. As for a pic, I'll get one up as soon as I can. We've been a litle nutty busy here. Need to take some new shots soon though. Soon!
Gabriele C. said…
Thanks Beth.

It's a reconstructed part of a battlefield where the Germans killed some 18,000 Romans in 9 AD. A few years later the Romans decided Germany wasn't worth the hassle and put the frontier back to the Rhine, and that's why the French speak a bastardised Latin, and we speak German. :)
FeyRhi said…
I fully admit to having mood hair, but similar to many who have said the same here I've never gone blond. With hair as dark as mine (where there isn't grey)the "dark-root" battle would drive me nuts.

I blogged a while back about one of the best things I have seen in a long time. Dove's Campaign for Real Beauty.
I'm hoping htis will start a positive trend to how we view each other and ourselves.

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