Wrestling with Nora

"...I've said, many times, I can fix a badly written page, but I can't fix a blank one. I don't throw out pages so much as wrestle them to the ground and find a way to make them work..." Bestselling author, Nora Roberts (from her interview in the 8/06 Romance Writers Report)

That's what I did last night. Wrestled a scene to the ground and found a way to make it work. Then it was mine, all mine, until my eyes drooped and I had to shut down for the night.

Today I double, or is that triple? Library then an emcee gig. I'll take my laptop and write on the gig. My three worlds collide today. Always intertesting. But hey, you do what you gotta do.

More on writing from Nora... "Is this your job or your hobby?"

If you get the RWR be sure to read that interview. I think of it as tough love for writers.

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Caro said…
i just read that interview -- and I found I really have to agree with her. Writing is work, as much as the job I go to five days a week to pay the bills. If I just wrote when the inspiration hit or I felt like it or it was convenient, I'd still be working on my first manuscript.

Some people aren't going to like it because it pokes at some of the ideas people hold dear about writing, but if you want to be successful in this field, I think she has some good advice
Beth Ciotta said…
That interview really spoke to me, Caro. I copied it and I'm going to cut out portions to tack on my bulletin board. She's very no- nonsense. Tells it as she see it, and I I 'got it'. Her process was of keen interest to me as several aspects mirored my own. Things I'v been questioning because they're not 'the norm'. I liked how she kept saying, "It's not the right way, but it's my way." Great stuff.
Anna Lucia said…
I'm jumping around on your blog a bit, but this one caught my eye.

I mostly agree with Nora - I'm glad to write a half-arsed page and know I can fix it later.

But there are other times, numerous times, when the only way I can fix a bad page is by hitting the delete button. Times like that, I have to remember that I can't fix drivel. But onto a blank page I can write wonderful things....

Sometimes forging forward and editing is the key. Sometimes it pays to pause... and use that blank page like a canvas to create a masterpiece.

That writing as work thing? Agh, I wish I could get that mindset down pat. Truth is I can't do two jobs at once, and the day job's a leech.

But I'll get there.

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