Take A Guess and Win a Great Read!

Wondering where I've been all day? Why I'm blogging late evening instead of early morning? Because this morning, instead of blogging, I did Pilates. It's the first time that I've formally 'exercised' in a couple of months. Ever since I started stressing out about making the deadline on this book. I only have so much time in the day, especially on days where I work at the library, perform, or both. I'm obsessed with and determined to meet my deadline.

Must. Write.

Blogging gets my creative juices flowing. Exercise does not. However, this morning I felt the need to stretch other kinds of muscles. It was probably a whim, a fluke, a passing craze. No doubt I'll be back here tomorrow morning, blogging. Maybe. Tomorrow is Saturday, right? I have all day to write. All. Day.

Cyndi Valero and Mary Stella have been amazing cheerleaders and critique partners as I muscle my way through ROMANCING THE WEST. To celebrate their wonderfulness, I'm going to give away...

A copy of DREAM QUEST, an anthology of nine paranormal romance short stories. KNIGHT MOVES is one of those short stories and it was written by Cyndi and I under the name CB Scott.
"...Knight Moves (DREAM QUEST) was exciting, dangerous and it was a thrilling ride... CB Scott writes an entertaining heroine who proves to be one tough cookie. This is a tale to warm your heart and confirms that if you believe in yourself, you can do anything. --Tracey West, Road To Romance

And a copy of KEY OF SEA, Mary's latest release. It's laugh outloud funny and s-e-x-y.

"Four and 1/2 stars! Key Of Sea is sensuous, poignant, humorous and wonderful. Mary Stella has created a generous cast of eccentric, memorable characters, and the author demonstrates her gift of capturing the rhythm of life in the Florida Keys. This is a lovely and hearfelt story of finding your way back home and wondering why you ever left."- Affaire De Coeur Magazine

All you have to do is guess how many pages you think I'll write tomorrow. (I write in Times New Roman, double space. That's approx. 350 words per page) Remember I'll be writing all day. May the muse be with me. The person who comes closest without going over will win a copy of DREAM QUEST (the short stories. Get it?). The person who comes the closest, but just over beyond will win a copy of KEY OF SEA. You can only guess once, and you can't guess the same number as someone else. So be sure to skim all of the comments. If you're dead on, you get a surprise bonus.

I'll announce the winners Sunday morning. Okay. Take your best guess!!


Mary Stella said…
Wow, Beth, this is so sweet of you! I'll throw in signed bookmarks to anyone who wins on your blog! Thanks for the plug, my friend!
17 pages!

(assuming HQ-style word count *gg*)
Beth Ciotta said…
M, my pleasure. And thanks for the bookmarks!

Ann, what's HQ style. Shoot. I'l go ack and specify in my original post. I type in Times New Roman, double space. That 350 words per page. You can re-guess if you need to. Hope your WIP is coming along! Thanks for playing!!
Roni said…
I guess 18.
Go Beth go!
Alrighty then. HQ house style used to be courier new, 1.5 lines for 250/page (I think). So I'll modify my guess to 13 pages!

Why do I feel like I switched lines in the grocery store?

Oh well.

13 pages is my final answer, Alex!
Tori Lennox said…
I'm gonna say 20 pages. :)
Taylor said…
I'm going to say 12. 12 because I think you'll go back and forth editing and it will turn out to be 12 by the end of the day. Here's hoping!
Gina said…
Hmm I'm going to say fifteen pages!
Cheryl said…
I'm going to say 23 pages.
Cyn said…
Hey B,

I'm not going to guess, but I think your contest idea is very cool. I hope you get more pages done than less!

Love, C
I won't guess. But will wish you GOOD LUCK. YOu can meet that deadline.

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