Speaking of Bad Boys

Yesterday this blog saw more traffic than Colin Farrell's bedroom. Oops. Did I say that? Actually, that's not fair. I have no idea how many people visit Mr. Farrell's bedroom. I'm just assuming. From what I read. Ya know?

Speaking of reading... thank you to everyone who posted a recommendation yesterday. Interesting to see what everyone is reading, and several looked interesting to moi. Also interesting to read about other people's TBR piles. *g* Curse of the Booklover--Killer TBR Piles. Everyone who commented yesterday is automatically entered in Alison Kent's book givaway. Good luck and thank you to Alison for including me in her scavanger hunt. Don't be strangers, folks!

Let's get back to Colin Farrell. The ultimate bad boy. Too young for me, too wild for me, but the man does sizzle. I also admire his acting. I've seen him play several different types of roles, and all of them well. The man has superb acting chops along with mega sex appeal. His new movie Miami Vice(co-starring Jamie Foxx) topped Pirates at the box office this weekend. It's supposed to be very gritty not like the TV show some of us (raising my hand) remember. More than one reviewer called it sexy, referring to steamy scenes between Farrell and his female co-star, Gong Li. And suddenly I'm more interested in seeing this action flick. *g*

So what's your take on Farrell? On bad boys in general? What makes them so appealing?


Mary Stella said…
To those of us who were, most of the time, good girls, bad boys are that forbidden fruit, the risk, the challenge, the adventure. They're that top down, drive-too-fast ride on the open highway. That tantalizing, "I know you're no good for me, but I have to try this just once" fascination.

I think bad boys are also a way that most of us wanted to test our own feminine powers, so we could see if we were up to the challenge, or the wildness of the bad boy.
Cynthia said…
Part of it I think is the challenge to step outside ourselves. To go against what is "normal" - oh but I hate that word.

Another aspect, at least for me, is that the bad boy is exactly what he seems. There is no false advertising to these guys. You don't bring them home to the folks (unless you are a complete sadist) you don't introduce him to your friends. He is just a good time for however it lasts. He turns out to be a decent guy in the end - bonus.
ElsieHogarth said…
I agree with Cynthia...there's no false advertising with a "bad boy". They know you have their number and trust me they make the best of friends because they actually need and want someone in their lives that doesn't believe all their bull.
Tori Lennox said…
Colin Farrell doesn't really do that much for me. Neither does that other bad boy of the movies, Russell Crowe. But I love bad boys in fiction. :) I'm not sure how I'd feel about one in my real life, though. I'd probably have to smack him down. *g*
Charlene Teglia said…
Wasn't Colin Farrel Bullseye? I thought he was terrific in that role. If not, I've got my bad boys mixed up.

I think bad boys appeal for the already stated reason that you know what you're getting. And they're not boring. *g*
Beth Ciotta said…
Some great reasoning here. And probably right on the mark. "They're that top down, drive-too-fast ride on the open highway." Love that description, Mary.

"Don't bring them home to the folks." Ain't that the truth, Cynthia. Can you imagine taking Farrell home? One sentence out of his mouth and my mom would faint. *g*

Yup, Charlene. He was Bullseye. *shudder* But he's played some decnt guys too. I think. LOL He was ecelent in PHONE BOOTH.

Um, Elsie. Does this mean you have a bad boy best friend? *g*

Tori, I'm like you... better in fiction than real life. You'd smack them down? I'd run in the opposite direction. :)
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, some of my "bad boys" are actually men in my family. My godson/cousin NYPD man-Stephen is one. Ask some of the ladies from the Book Club. All they say when they see him is: "Ohhhh Stephen!" They have a big smile on their faces, laugh giddily and then sigh. It's so funny.
Maureen said…
Hmmm yes Colin does have some winning qualities. Loved him in The Recruit with Al Pacino. It’s all in the attitude. Bad boys aren’t afraid to go after what they want and they don’t stop until they get it. Never mind what anyone else thinks. And every woman, at one time or other, wouldn’t mind being who he is after. That heart pounding thrill of the chase, of being seduced by the forbidden fruit, or maybe of being the forbidden fruit to him. To be drawn out of the everyday, safe and sound, what’s expected of you… boring…routine. For me too, an adventure better lived out in fiction than reality, but *Sigh* it’s a tempting thought.
Beth Ciotta said…
So I'm thinking you should invite Stephen to the next Spring Fling, Elsie. I'm sure the other attending authors would love to ogle, I mean, meet your godson. *g*

THE RECRUIT! That's the one I was trying to think of Maureen. Thanks! Yes, he was very good in that. Although I was a bit distracted by Al. Not sure that I'd jump in a speeding car with Farrell, but I'd surley grab hold of Pacino's bumper. *G* In my fantasy world, of course.
Scott Oden said…
And then, he played the most weasley, crybaby Alexander the Great one could imagine. I mean, the real Alexander should force Aristotle to invent a time machine just so he could come forward and kick Colin's keyster . . . and Oliver Stone for making the sackload of tripe that was 'Alexander'.

Have I mentioned I'm not a fan of 'Alexander'?

To be fair, though, 'Miami Vice' was excellent . . . mostly because it was a Michael Mann film -- he brought us 'Heat' and 'Last of the Mohicans' :)
Beth Ciotta said…
I didn't see ALEXANDER, Scott. And I'm thinking that's a good thing? *g*

Yes, Michael Mann has delivered some awesome films. HEAT was wonderfl. And didn't he do COLLATERAL too. Also very compelling. Forgot he did LAST OF THE MOHICANS!! One of my all time fave movies for many reasons. Um, one of those reasons, the ultra sexy seasons between Hawkeye and Cora. AND they had all of their clothes on!
Tori Lennox said…
Well, as my dad says, I talk a good fight. *g*
Julia Templeton said…
Ah bad boys...my favorite type of hero.
Every woman wants him. Every man wants to be him.
Though Colin doesn't necessarily make my palms sweat--I always smile when I see him in an interview being his typical chain-smoking, potty-mouth self. He's the quintessential bad boy. He knows it and he owns it, and that's just plain sexy.
Which reminds me...I have to get back to my WIP and that badboy hero of mine.
Anonymous said…
"Every woman wants him. Every man wants to be him." Great tag for a blurb, Julie. You should use that!

As for Farrell... "He's the quintessential bad boy. He knows it and he owns it, and that's just plain sexy." Yup. That would be him. Oh, and the potty-mouth part. *snicker* Awesome description, J. Good luck with your deadline, BTW!!!!
Mary Stella said…
Yes, Michael Mann has delivered some awesome films. HEAT was wonderfl. And didn't he do COLLATERAL too. Also very compelling. Forgot he did LAST OF THE MOHICANS!!

Unfortunately, he was also responsible for Jade, which was a big bomb of a film for David Caruso shortly after he left NYPD Blue. I hated that movie for many reasons, not the least of which was that the so-called-stunning action chase scenes made me dizzy.

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