Places to Go, People to Read - Day 4

Body and brain exhausted but I'm pushing on. Deadline's closing in. Thankfully I'm not blocked--I can see upcoming scenes, the climax, and black moment. Not blocked, just exhausted. I can live with exhausted.

Meanwhile, I found two nifty place for you to visit. One geared more toward writers or fans of thriller fiction. One for fans of movies and one star in particular.

Places to Go, People to Read #4

Stephen Coonts -- Click here for excellent, in-depth tips on writing tips from this best-selling adventure author.

George Clooney -- Click here to read a transcript of CNN Larry King's interview with this dynamic actor, producer, director George Clooney. Or if you have high-speed internet, you can watch the interview (and drool over the real thing) on video. offers links to part 1, 2, & 3 of this 60 minute interview (plus a lot of other cool Clooney stuff). Enjoy!


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Thanks for posting such great links this week Beth. More reasons to

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