Places to Go, People to Read - Day 3

If you're easily offended by vulgarities or crude humor, you might want to skip this recommendation. But that would be a shame, because this guy (or dude, as he'd say) is a fresh and dynamic voice in filmmaking.

Over ten years ago, my husband brought home a movie called CLERKS. He warned me. You're going to be shocked by the language, possibly disgusted by some of the humor, but you should watch it. I think you'll like it. He was right on all counts. Shocked, disgusted . . . and I liked it. But I liked his next film even better, or at least the one I saw next. CHASING AMY. As in all of his films, he dealt with certain taboos and used very frank language. Language that makes this born and raised farm girl blush. But the movie touched me deeply and there was something about his writing. I didn't understand until I bought the screenplay and read it. Rhythm. There's a rhythm to his writing that is very appealing to me. Music to my ears, so to speak. Oh, and he's insightful too. To all those who touted his film DOGMA as anti-religious, you didn't get it. The message. Him.

He has a new movie out, CLERKS 2. I haven't seen it yet, but I will. He also has a jamming blog. It's called MY BORING ASS LIFE. Heh. So not boring. Lots of obscenities. You have been warned. They don't bother me anymore. They're part of his voice. He's funny and smart. Oh, and talk about a marketing whiz! Color me envious. Oh, to have those kinds of ideas . . . and that energy. So here it is. Today's recommendation.

Places to Go, People to Read #3

Kevin Smith

Video Clip -- Smith talking about his shot at writing a script for Superman (Hilarious! But don't watch at work. Obscenity alert!)

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Mary Stella said…
I love Kevin Smith! Beth, will you ever forget that we went to see Dogma together? While I waited for you to arrive at the theater, two nuns came in. I was positive they were there to protest the movie, but they went to see the one with Natalie Portman instead. *g*

I also remember my 'near brush with greatness' when I went to Smith's store in Red Bank, "Jay and Silent Bob's Secret Stash". He was just going out the back door when I walked in. Dang. Five minutes earlier and I would have gotten his autograph!
Anna Lucia said…
Good recommendation, Beth!

People thought Dogma was anti-religious???? Oh, maaaaaaan.

I so love that film. Makes me cry every time.
Beth Ciotta said…
Oh, geez, M. I DID for get we saw DOGMA together Why was I thinking I saw it with Vinent? Getting my movie buddies mixed up. Love your 'near brush with greatness' story. I got a T-shirt out of it. :) Kevin's going to be in 'in store' August 7. I'm bumming. I'd love to go. But timing's bad for me.

Waving to Anna, an enlightened woman to be sure. :)
FeyRhi said…
Kevin Smith has got to be one of the funniest men around. I love his stuff!

I've caught a couple tv specials where he has been doign Q&A with the audience and it is better then any 'improv' comedy routine I've ever seen.

If I remember correctly he wrote the character of Silent Bob for "Jay" (forgetten his name my bad). But then decided that this might be his only chance at greatness so he wanted to make sure he was seen in the movie. Choosing to be "Silent Bob" was because he knows he can't act, and well bob doesn't speak so it make sense. The man's a genius LOL
Taylor said…
Wow, Beth I'll certainly take this advice! I am a die-hard Kevin Smith fan. My father and him love him (go figure) and I even own screenplays by him. That being "Dogma", one of my fave movies. Thanks for spreadin word about him.
Taylor said…
Oops, I meant my father and I. Haha, here's to good grammer!
Brooks said…
I'm a day late in reading and responding, but: I was checking out this web site,
face-recognition.php, where you upload your photo, and they tell you which celebrity you resemble the most. A very cool site. Guess who they said I looked like? Yeah, ...Kevin.

What a coincidence that you're writing about him at the same time. I didn't know about him until I caught CLERKS on TV last year. Now I will have to see everything that he's done.

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