Places To Go, People to Read - Day 2

Blogging midday because I had to attend a training course for the library this morning and of course I was running late! It was either post or make a pot of coffee. Sorry folks, java won out.

Very productive writing day yesterday. Had an epiphany as I wrote a new scene late last night. Can't wait to dig back in. But first...

As promised, every day this week I'll try to point you to a new blog or website or perhaps remind you of somewhere that fell off of your blog-o-map. A place that offers a good read whether it be entertaining or educational. Day two offers a three-for-one.

Places to Go, People To Read #2
Known to us in blogosphere as PBW (Paperback Writer). This prolific, multi-published author is offering a week of virtual workshops. Workshop #1, Building Series Novels, is up. Read and learn.
Another prolific, multi-published author! Alison is running a week long special too. "...Each day I will be giving away copies of the various books in my SG-5 (that's the Smithson Group with 5 original members - no relation to Stargate, no relation to Alias) series to those of you who visit while I'm out touring the Southeast." She's doing this via a scavanger hunt. Check out her blog and learn how to play. (Pssst. You. Yeah, you. Not so subtle hint--check back here on Sunday. I'm involved!)
Are you a romance writer? Are you one of the few who, like me, are at home instead of at the biggest romance writers convention in America? Check out this blog! Updated daily, you'll find links to writers blogging from RWA National. Almost as good as being there. Almost.
There you have it. More tomorrow. I'm off to make magic. *g*


chryscat said…
Ah, Beth.
I adore you.
Thanks so much for the links. I'll be living vicariously.
Josie said…
Thanks for the links! I need to check them out.
Anna Lucia said…
Thanks for this, Beth - I was wondering how to eavesdrop on the Nationals natter.... ;-)
Beth Ciotta said…
My pleasure, ladies. Enjoy the links!

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