A Note From Cheyenne and Billie

Hey gang! It's a scorcher here today! We thought we'd hijack Beth's blog to spread the word to all you pet lovers out there. Be careful! Animals overheat just like people. A friend's bunny recently died because of heat exhaustion. She's awful sad now and the world is minus one loving furry soul. Here are a few tips to help protect your fuzzy friends.

*Don't leave us outside too long.

*Don't let us run and play too hard.

*Make sure we have lots of water.

*Don't take us for a ride and leave us in the vehicle. Even with the windows down, a car can become a furnace.

* Check out this article for prevention tips and signs of heat exhaustion.

Thanks for listening. Keep cool and have a great day. We'll be hanging out in the air conditioning, watching Beth write. Since she couldn't find Viola, we decided to be her muses. We must be pretty good at it. She finished two more chapters yesterday! Arf! We're good at barking, too, but that makes her cranky. So we're off to muse. See ya! Arf! Arf!


Tori Lennox said…
Excellent advice, you guys! Stay cool!
Taylor said…
Cheyenne and Billie, thank you for your concern! My dog Buddy, a big behemoth of a black lab loves his daily walks but it is just too hot out there for him. He'll thank me later. Thanks for your kind advice in this hot hot hot weather.
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Teddy here -- Jen's owner

Good points Cheyenne and Billie! Hope you stay nice and cool and that you help Beth write two more chapters today!
Beth Ciotta said…
Billie here. Cheyenne's pouting. Beth accidently winged the pipsqueak pup's favorite frisbee over the fence into the neighbor's yard. Going, going, gone.

High paw to Buddy and Teddy, and humans, Tori, Taylor, and Jen.

Oops. Beth's draggin' on her page count. I best get back to musing.
Moe_Stella said…
Hi, Cheyenne and Billie,

Good advice. Mary doesn't leave me out in the sun for too long, even though I ought to be more used to the heat living here in Florida. I have a favorite shaded spot in the yard under the pygmy date palm tree. Usually we go out when she gets home from work when it's not quite so hot and the breeze blows on my fur from the water. Stay cool, ladies. And tell Beth it's her job to go retrieve the frisbee from the neighbor's yard.

Your pal, Moe. (Mom doesn't even know I can do this. What? She doesn't think I pay attention all the time that she blogs??)
ElsieHogarth said…
Hi Billie and Cheyenne! You guys are adorable and get cuter with every picture I see. I will pass on all your advice to my doggie friends: Buddy, Lacey, Zitara and even Sandy(Stalker Laurie's dog-we're not really friends, we have issues).
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi, Moe! Cheyenne here. Update on the frisbee fiasco. The neighbors weren't home so Steve tied a rope to a rake, climbed our fence, threw the rake over, snagged hold of the frisbee, and, usung the rope, hauled back the rake, mu frisbee with it!! Said it was a trick he learned in Nam. Don't know what that mean but I think he was kidding. He does that a lot. Anyway, HE'S MY HERO! We played frisbee a little, but not too much. It's too hot. Beth won't come outside. She's a wimp in the heat. That's okay. She'd only lose my frisbee.

Hey, Moe, that sounds like a neat shade tree. Does it have the kind of dates you can eat? I'll eat just about anything. Heard the sam thing about you. *snicker* Ourmoms talk.
Billie said…
Billie here. Had to head butt Cheyenne off of the computer. Now that she has her frisbee back she's all happy and chatty. Did you notice she can't spell very well. She said those were typos. That her nails are too long. I think she can't spell. Also she signed in under Beth's name instead of her own. Whereas I figured out how to sign in under my OWN name. Still trying to figure out how to upload our own avitar. I bet Beth would get more traffic if she used our pics instead of hers. We're cuter. *snicker* High paw to Elsie and her friends!!! Arf. Your situation with Sandy sounds kind of like me with Cheyenne. I just sort of 'tolerate' her. :)
Sable said…
Hi guys, your photo is awesome! And thanks for passing along the alert about animals and the heat. I'm hanging out in our airconditioned house. My mom, Roni, cut our walks shorter today but that's ok--it's just too darned hot out there. Roni says she's sorry she hasn't been on this blog much lately. She's been busy working and writing and helping out her mom, who broke her hip. But her mom's doing better and my doggie friend Misty went back to her house a few days ago, because Roni's mom can take care of her now! Yay! We get along ok but I am used to being the top dog around here. Stay cool!
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Teddy here again:

The heat's breaking because of this massive thunderstorm we're having and I'm driving Jen nuts cuz I'm such a scaredy-cat-dog. She doesn't like the way I've been trembling at her feet for the past hour, but the wind and thunder are scary.

Jen read somewhere that you shouldn't baby a dog that's afraid of storms because that's reinforcing the behavior, but what she really wants to do is scoop me up and cuddle.

Not sure which of us is more miserable at the moment...
Cheyenne and Billie said…
High paws to Sable and Teddy!

Sable, sorry to hear about your mom's mom's hip. Glad she's a little better and that Misty could rejoin her. Yay! Thanks for stopping by our blog (that's right we've decided to hijack Beth's blog now and then). Don't be a stranger.

Teddy, we know how you feel. We don't like storms either. But try to buck up. Your mom's right. If she comforts you, she'll only be reenforcing your scardy-cat-dog behavior. Be brave our furry friend!

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