Ouch! My laptop is sick. Really sick. Steve thinks my hard drive is going. I couldn't even use it yesterday. I ended up writing on his computer. Happy to say even though I felt discombobulated in his 'space' (the keyboard and seat felt foriegn and uncomfortable), I still managed six new pages. Seven pages the day before that. I'm whizzing toward deadline. But it's the fact that I am on deadline and that I must produce solid pages every day up until that point that's got me shaking in my pink high-tops. Not to mention all of the files... research, manuscripts. Steve did operate last night and I am working on the patient now, but she's slow and keeps gitching. Plus she makes these funny noises now and then. *shudder*

Please don't die on me laptop. Please!


Mary Stella said…
Beth -- back up your manuscript OFTEN. Do you have a removable hard drive stick thingie? Rewritable CDs? Seriously, don't lose your hard work to an ailing hard drive. Every 20 minutes or so, save the chapters your working on to a disk or removable drive that isn't dependant on your laptop. Good luck, my friend!
I keep reading the title of your post as Medici--like you have a small, elegant, ancient Italian laptop. LOL.

I hope it gets better!

Have a great 4th!
Tori Lennox said…
What Mary Stella said!!!
Jennifer Elbaum said…
Sending "Get Well" wishes to your laptop. I'd send some chicken soup but I'm not sure that would help matters any...

Barb said…
Just go get a new one. I'm sure it's about time.

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