The Deadline Haze

Yesterday I had the entire day to write. I couldn't afford not to write. Guess what? I didn't write.

I was braindead, the creative wheels worn out from two previous days of intense brainstorming and writing of two pivitol chapters. I was physically exhausted, the result of stress-induced insomnia several nights running.

Unable to write, I read. All day. Some research related (Roadside History of Arizona by Marshall Trimball), some for pleasure and inspiration (Dark Harbor by Stuart Woods). The day was not wasted, I told myself. A writer can't dwell in a cocoon of one's own stories. A writer must read other tales by other writers. Learn and grow.

So I read, I absorbed, enjoyed, and learned (hopefully grew), thinking it's okay. I have all day tomorrow to write. I'll write like the wind. I'll make up for lost time. I spent all day yesterday thinking it was Monday. Thinking today would be Tuesday. It wasn't until very late last night that I saw something that triggered the realization that today would be Wednesday!

I lost an entire day somewhere. The Deadline Haze, I'm calling it. (Cue Twilight Zone theme song)

So I don't have all day to write and catch up. I work at the library today. Because it's Wednesday.


This morning I told Steve I want a weekend at Disney World for my birthday (which isn't until the fall). A weekend of pure escapism. I'm thinking I should've asked for a time machine so I can go back and relive days lost in... The Deadline Haze.


Taylor said…
Beth, I feel your pain. So far this week has been nothing but both jobs each day and it's really getting to me. But like you, in-between I am enjoying books. I have about 2 hours to relax, and this is exactly what I need to relax with: a good book. I'd like to tell you just what book it is but I have a suprise instore for you soon. Stay tuned for...The Suprise Zone. ;)
chryscat said…
I'm thinking that "Deadline Haze" is similar to Stephen King's deadlights. *cue music again*

Hugs. And enjoy that weekend away from it all

Bethany said…
Oh hang in there Beth! I so feel your pain! After my 6 week rewrite of my entire book it took me almost 3 weeks to totally recoup.

Deep breaths. Deep breaths. One day to recharge can do wonders!
Jennifer Elbaum said…
After finishing yet another book, what do you want to do?

"I'm going to Disney World"

sounds like those post-superbowl commercials!

you deserve the treat!
Roni said…
Give yourself the gift of "down" time, Beth! No one can work constantly--you'll suffer from burn out. Everyone needs some days off (I always take my birthday off, sit around reading and eat junk food). A day to relax and read will recharge you! Right now I'm reading Heather Graham's "Suspicious".

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