Western Alert!

I'm a long way from my seven-page goal for the day, but I'm knocking off early. For a good reason, I swear. Inspiration. I meant to post this sooner. Western fans, tune in to AMC tonight or set your TIVO (I really need to get one of those). Robert Duvall (who I adored in Open Range) stars in the original AMC movie-- Broken Trails. Click here for details. Good westerns are hard to come by these days, my friends. Catch it if you can!

"I always say the English have Shakespeare, the French have Moliere, the Russians have Chekhov, and the western is uniquely ours. There's always an interest." ~ Robert Duvall


Beth Ciotta said…
I loved it. Loved it. Part one anyway. Part two airs tomorrow. More as to why I LOVED it later. Trying to get in a page of my own writing before I fade. :)
Scott Oden said…
I watched OPEN RANGE today on AMC and I must say it was impressive. Kevin Costner does make a fine western character.

Sadly, I missed the other one as inspiration was a-knocking and one should never ignore the muse (especially with a deadline coming).

Tonight's word: fdcltpli. Sounds like a bacteria . . .
Brooks said…
I watched it because I saw the ad in the weekend Family Magazine. Duval is great. John Hayden Church gave a sterling performance too. He's come a long way since Wings. Of course, he was a riot in that sitcom.

The Western is still alive. Didn't you love the scenery of the wide open range? Then, into the hornet's nest they rode. I can't wait for Part Two.
Beth Ciotta said…
I saw OPEN RANGE in the theaters, Scott. Visually stunning on the big screen. But it was the story itself, the characters, that won my heart. That movie is now in my DVD collection. The same 'a man's gotta do the right thing' theme drives BROKEN TRAILS.

Understand the need to run when the muse calls. But it you can catch a rerun, do. I think you'd like it!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Brooks! Yes, indeed, I loved the 'wide open range scenes'. The horses were beautiful! Of course as soon as the one wild mustang went lame, I knew what had to happened and cringed. :(

Duvall is captivating. He has a natural feel for playing the rugged, upstanding cowboy. A similar character to the one he played in OPEN RANGE, but I can't get enough. I wasn't sure of Church at the beginning. Struck me as a somber Lowell (his character on WINGS), but then he grew on me. Or at least the character did. The entire 'saving the young China girls from the prostitition ring' angle is heart wrenching and riviting. Like you, I can't wait for Part II!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, yesterday, since I saw Rita Braver's(Sunday Morning) interview Robert Duvall, I was in the mood for an all day western marathon.

Broken Trails was excellent, I can't wait for the next part. I feel for those poor girls. I also think Thomas Hayden Church has come a long way from Wings/Ned & Stacey. I loved him in Sideways and Over the Hedge/Dwayne the Exterminator.
Beth Ciotta said…
Part 2... I was not disappointed. Okay. The romantic in me was slightly disappointed. I would have written the end differently. But the script remained true to Duvall's character. Whether I liked that or not, I had to admire it. Thoughts anyone?
Brooks said…
Sorry about butchering Duvall's and 'Thomas' Hayden Church's names. I am now officially in geezerdom.

Too bad they didn't have super vets in those days. Didn't look like they had any other choices. But, keep in mind, no animals were harmed in any way in the making of this movie.

I agree with you on the ending.

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