Websites? Blogs? Or Both?

Just a quick note to check in and say, "I'm writing. I swear." Okay, I did do another quickie photo session with Steve and I did upload a new pic to the front page of my website, and one here too, although it's not showing up yet. Maybe after I publish this post? But that's it. I'm done tinkering. For now anyway. *g* I have a book to write (as a couple of author friends have reminded me).

I will say that the break was needed. And I worked on promo related aspects (blog/website) so it's not like I diddled away precious time. Could have been worse. I could've been playing computer games or surfing the Net for a new hairstyle. Oh, wait. I did do the latter. Anyway, this afternoon I am working on my WIP. I am.

Quick question, if an author offers a website and a blog, do you visit both? One more then the other? If so, why?


Maureen said…
Its good to see that published authors can find ways to procrastinate as well as this aspiring one! *g*

As for your question. I visit both, and not just because I am procrastinating. I do visit the blogs more than sites. Sites I go to for updates on signings and upcoming releases, maybe to read an excerpt.

Blogs I visit more because they are updated more and the author offers incite to themselves and the writing craft. Besides a fun way to interact with them.

Hope your WIP progress is going well! I am eagerly waiting for it! BTW Loved Lasso The it when it first came out and it took me this long to let you know.
Jordan Summers said…
I visit both, but mainly their blogs. I figure they'll announce new books sales or releases there too. Now get to work. ;)
chryscat said…
I'm a certified blog slut. Such as it is.
I'll check out the website once. Even if I adore your blog, I won't usually visit the site again. Two different animals in my opinion.
Beth Ciotta said…
Ah, yes, Maureen. I can procrastinate with the best of them. ;) I appreciate you sharing your views on blog and website visits. That's exactly the kind of thing I was curious about. Also, thank you for your kind words regarding LASOO THE MOON. So glad you liked it. The next in the series, ROMANCING THE WEST, is coming along fine. Yay!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks for the info and nudge, Jordan. ;)

Crystal, candid and funny as always. ;) Interesting that you only visit a website once. You're right. Authors do usually give updates via their blog. I'm somewhere between you and Jordan. I was actually wondering if blogs get more consistant traffic and, if used properly, are maybe starting to replace websites, or at least become the entry page. Thoughts anyone?
Barb said…
Your pictures are BEAUTIFUL and the new blog looks OUTSTANDING!!!

Thanks for the talk last night. It helped.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Barb. I'm so glad you like the new look and my pics. That means a lot. As for the talk... that's what sisters are for. Love you much!
Bethany said…
Both. Definitely both.....

I usually make the blog a normal every day or so visit since I use feeds to read them often (thus why I am always hanging around here). But I visit the websites when I want to look at their backlist. If they have new books out, etc.

But then again-- I am part of the industry. So I might just be abnormal. :-)

p.s. can I hire YOUR hubby to take pictures of me. I so need to get some done. Ugh.
Anna Lucia said…
For me, it's almost exclusively blogs! I'll jump from a blog to a site to check book details, though.
Beth Ciotta said…
Bethany and Ann, thanks so much. I'm really finding this feedback interesting. My wheels are turning. ;0)
Anonymous said…
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