We Did it!!

Cheyenne and I graduated Basic Obedience Dog Training! Tonight was our final class in the eight week course. We never missed a class and we practiced (almost) every day.

I remember the first day, she was so pertrified. (We've established she has issues.) She spent most of the class cowering, trembling, glued to my leg. But as each week went by she gained confidence and actually began to look forward to class. She loved the instructor, Arlene (who was FABulous!). The people who dropped out really missed out. Yup. At the beginning of the course there were ten owners and dogs. Each week the class got smaller. By the last three classes we were down to three, and that's including me and Cheyenne. Congratulations to Stevie and Cracker and their owners for toughing it out! Stevie and Cracker were both large breeds and very hyper. Where as I had scaredy-cat-dog, Cheyenne. We all had behavior issues (the dogs, not the owners)and we all stuck it out. The change in these three dogs after the eight weeks was pretty incredible.

Tonight Cheyenne whizzed through class, performing with her little head held high (Except when the three school buses roared into the lot. But we won't talk about that slight wimp moment.) She heels very nicely. Sits and lays down on verbal command. She comes when I call, and sits squarely in front of me. She sits and stays. Stands and stays. Down and stays. She may be timid, but she very smart, and I'm very proud of her. In addition, most of her destructive behavior (chewing things up when we leave her alone) has stopped.

At the end of class, Cheyenne didn't get a diploma or a cap with a tassle, but she did get a squeaky toy! She was one happy dog! And I'm one proud owner. Thanks you Arlene of Banner Dog Training and YAY, Cheyenne! Doggie biscuits all around!


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Congrats Beth. Doggie kisses for everyone!
Roni said…
Congrats to Cheyenne (and big sister Billie--don't want any jealousy among the dogs!) I'm sorry I haven't posted lately. I came back from London to a lot of work and I'm trying to do revisions on a book. London was fabulous, btw!
Beth Ciotta said…
Thanks, Jen! Cheyenne's doggie kisses are big, sloppy cow tongue kisses. She loves to give 'em. On the flipside, our older dog, Billie (a sweet, gentle soul) NEVER licks. No kisses. What gives??

Roni, welcome back! I've missed you. Dying to know what you did in London. We must swap PMs (private messages). You're extremely kind to remember Billie. I was just thinking about how much I talk about Cheyenne vrs. Bille or even Sadie (our cat). They are all wondrous creatures!
That's a great achievement for you both, Beth! How wonderful. Is Cheyenne part Belgian Malinoise? She totally looks it and if she is, no wonder she's smart as a whip. What a cutie!
FeyRhi said…
Congratulations to you both!!
Cyn said…
YEAH, Cheyenne and Beth!

Love your Cheyenne stories.
Beth Ciotta said…
Ann, we adopted Cheyenne from the Humane Society. They found her abandoned and wandering the woods. No one knows what she is. Although another blog reader once asked if she was part Belgian Malinoise, too. I wasn't formally familiar with that breed. All I know is that she has the head and coat of a German Shepard. She's short though. Only about knee high. :) Thanks for the good wishes!

Also a hearty thanks to FeyRhi and Cyndi!! :)
Mary Stella said…
Beth, it's amazing how one class can build so much confidence, but it does! Mega-congrats to Cheyenne and to you. I bet if you continue with the sessions at home, or even with an advanced class, that she won't resume the destructive behavior either.

You know, the more I think about it, the more I bet Cheyenne does have some Belgian Melanoise in her. Beth, that breed has a lot of similarities to German Shepherds. In fact, they are used a lot by police officers for K-9 work. The trainer that Moe and I worked with several years ago over near Smithville had a Belgian.
Tori Lennox said…
That's awesome!!! Congratulations, you guys!!!!
ElsieHogarth said…
Congratulations to you both. This is a very good success story about adopting pets from the Humane Society.
Charlene Teglia said…
Aw, a belly scratch and a Kong for Cheyenne! And congrats to you for sticking it out with her.
Beth Ciotta said…
Thank you again everyone! Cheyenne has been celebrating by playing countless hour with her graduation gift. A green worm with a hat and shoes. Did I mention it SQUEAKS? And that she plays with it A LOT? *g*
Awwwww Congrats to both of you. Big doggie hugs to go around.

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