Two Talented Men, Two Different Worlds

This year my schedule is such that I have been unable to physically attend as many (hardly any) writers workshops as I'd like. I attend conferences and workshops for inspiration and education. Also to network and hang with my friends, but mostly to learn. The nice thing about blogs, one of the nice things anyway, is that I can learn about writing/publishing, the craft/business without leaving home. Presently, I have two different daily blog haunts, places I visit for education and inspiration.

Ken Levine is an Emmy winning writer/director/producer and has worked on shows such as MASH, CHEERS, FRASIER, THE SIMPSONS, WINGS, EVERYONE LOVES RAYMOND, BECKER, and DHARMA & GREG. He's brilliant, hilarious, and he is currently sharing scenes from a script he wrote for MASH. Actually, he shares quite a bit of work on his blog and I'm not only entertained as I read--I learn. It doesn't matter that he's a screenwriter and I'm a novelist. Pacing, plotting, characterization, dialogue--those are the things I zone in on and study.

J. A. Konrath is the author of the Lt. Jacqueline "Jack" Daniels thriller novels Whiskey Sour, Bloody Mary, and Rusty Nail. He's sold numerous articles and short stories. He's also a promo WHIZ. Konrath is extremely generous with his time and knowledge, writing in-depth and informative blog entries on promotion, craft, and publishing in general. The man makes my head spin, but in a good way. And did I mention he's funny? I'm a sap for funny. Check out his interview today over at Alison Kent's blog. (Er, another daily haunt.)

Thanks for giving me a daily kick in the pants, guys.

"Words are, of course, the most powerful drug used by mankind." ~~Rudyard Kipling


Bethany said…
[ducking head, blushing] my daily haunts too.

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