I couldn't help myself. It's all Scott's fault. He started it. He created a new, nifty look for his blog. Naturally, being me, I got the itch. Must. Make. Changes. So I spent a good portion of the day hunting down a template I liked, a template that was user friendly for goobers like moi. I found this at Caz's site. I must admit I was tempted by a few of the ultra sexy templates (can you say HOT?) but in the end, funky cartoon girl best represented 'me'. I know guys. It's pink. But pink's my fave color and besides it's only a little pink. White's the dominant color. You can deal with this, right. Not to mention cartoon chick is sorta, kinda hot. Yes? No?

Anyway, I'm very pleased with how this turned out. A very special thank you to Caz for the ultra cool template. Also a shout out to Scott who walked me through photo bucket. I'm talkin' he held my hand. Mu-wah. Kiss, kiss. Hug, hug, Scott.

Steve, super supportive husband that he is, agreed to take new pictures of me so that I could match the color scheme (I'm anal like that). He doesn't care for the one you see posted as it's too dark and a little blurry, so that will probably change. But I liked the overall look, and believe you me, I don't think I'm all that photogenic. So I begged him to send me this one to upload anyway. For now at least. As an afterthought I asked him to take a picture of me with the crew. Sadie, our cat, was in no mood and split the scene fast. As you can see here, Billie and Cheyenne weren't into a photo op either, but I thought this action shot was funny. Cheyenne's a face licker. Eww! Billie's like, are we done yet?

I will say that, though this makeover consumed most of my day, I still produced four new pages on my WIP. Yeah, baby, yeah. Life is good!


Charlie Tee said…
Hi Beth, I really like your blog...I was surfing and came accross it.Nice look.
If you get a chance stop by mine.It's called Standing In The Shadows Of Music.Basically it's about my journey as the lead vocalist and saxophonist of a band called the Carpenter Ants, we're located in Charleston WV.I talk about alot of personal things as well.I hope that you can stop by sometime.My address is www.diffrentstokes.blogspot.com
I also have a sister site as well, that one is spotlighting musicians and singers.You can check that out at www.bronxmusic.blogspot.com
Take care, and again, I really enjoyed reading through yours.
lovingly,Charlie Tee :-)
Scott Oden said…
Ah, young Jedi . . . you are now the master :) Very spiffy new look! I might have to bookmark Caz's site and go trolling for new templates (or little things to spruce mine up when the mood again strikes).

And hey, you got more writing done than I did. A measely two pages here. In the words of Martin Scorsese: "I've lost my narrative focus."*

* from a commercial for Kodak film and processing -- he was having pics of his neice's birthday party developed. "We need to reshoot!"
laurie514 said…
Very Very Cool !I love pink.great cartoon and pictures.
Jennifer Elbaum said…
What fun! A new look for summer!

Congrats Beth, it looks great!
ElsieHogarth said…
Wow Beth, love the site. The pictue is not too shabby. Oh Cartoon Girl, Very Sexy Hot. Muy Caliente!!!Maybe the reason Steve doesn't like it is because we can see clevage? That's cute and sweet.
Beth Ciotta said…
Hello, Charlie, and welcome! A fellow singer. How nice! Love the name of your band. I will absolutely hop over and check out your blog. I'm glad you enjoyed mine. Best wishes to you and yours. Don't be a starnger. ;)
Beth Ciotta said…
Glad you like how it turned out, Scott. me, too. Woo-hoo! Two pages, eh/ Well, that's twice as good as none. Or something like that. Back to it Yoda!

Thanks for the thumbs up Laurie and Jen!

Elsie, Steve doesn't mind the cleavage, trust me. ;0) It's the less-than-stellar quality of the photo. We'll probably give it another 'shot' today. Same cleavage. Better lighting. :)
Tori Lennox said…
I love the new look, Beth! And I love pink. :)
chryscat said…
Wow chickadee! You are definitely pink. I love the template.
Gabriele C. said…
I think the look fits you. Pretty and sexy.

And that pic with the dogs? Just major awwwww factor.
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to Tori, Crystal, Gabriele, an Helen Kay! Thanks for the thumbs up, gals!
Bethany said…
Look at it! It is FABULOUS!

Pink. Good. New photo. Fab. Cartoon chic (and yeah, she's hot. Even though I am a girl. I can tell). Tres cool. And you? WONDERFUL. Love the hair too! ;-)
Roni said…
I LOVE the picture of you with your pooches!
SOrry I'm chiming in late!
Beth Ciotta said…
Waving to Bethany and Roni! Thans gals!

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