Survived. But. I'm.

My knees. My voice. My brain. Crispy burnt. But I'm determined to write seven new pages today. So what if it's drek? Drek is fixable. At the very least, I'll fool myself into thinking I'm closer to my target word count. Days like this, I'm easily fooled. Where's my bean juice?


chryscat said…
You're so cute. *grins*
Okay, Miss Burnt, do what you must but don't OVERDO!
And if you figure out that parent letting his/her child tear up the children's section...let a girl know. Do you have it divided into Picture books/Easy Reader/Beginner books?
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Crystal. :) I'm sucking swamp water on the seven pages. However, I did track down some vital research points. I also did some edits per one of my CPs notes, so the day is not a total waste. LOL I'll probably make two new pages. Better than zip.

As to the children's section of the library, yup, that's how we divide them. Plus there's a Junior PB (paperback) section for the slightly older kids. This is where you'll find the Goosebump Series, Captain Underpants, Boxcar Children. That sort of thing. Plus Junior Hard Cover (translation--lots of Harry Potter) and Junior non-fiction. Kids sure are hooked on sharks and dinasours!

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