The Scoop on Me

Confession time: Recently, I haven't had the time or energy to blog. Nor have I been able to blog hop. I've fallen behind in returning emails . . . again. My house will soon be declared a disaster zone and I've been living on Dunkin' Donuts and Chinese take-out.

My Excuse: Friday day I worked at the library (5 hours). Friday night I performed at a restaurant/bar (4 hours). Saturday morning I spent two hours filling out a cover spec sheet for MP. That afternoon I performed at Ballys Casino (4 hours). That night I performed at that restaurant/bar (4 hours). Sunday morning I slept late, trying to recover my voice and rest my aching knees. Sunday day and night I researched (I now know way to much about 19th century shotguns) and wrote. (10 hours) Yes, I was braindead, but I was two days behind schedule. Monday (yesterday) I wrote. (15 hours) Today I attended a three-hour training course for the library, came home and started writing again. Felt guilty about being away from my blog for yet another day . . so here I am.

The Good News: The audio systems were awesome on all three of my gigs, hence I sang with ease and actually had FUN. During the library workshop where we learned a new database program, another librarian typed in my name and LASSO THE MOON came up in the NOVEL LIST database along with the awesome Book List review. Six months ago I wasn't included in NOVEL LIST, I checked. Now I am. Woo-hoo! Over a two day period I wrote 22 pages plus did some tweaking on earlier chapters.

That's the scoop on me, folks. Deadline for ROMANCING THE WEST is now six weeks away. if I can stay focused like I've been for the past two days and let everything else in my life fall through the cracks, I'm good. *g*

When you're crunched for time what do you let slide?


Mary Stella said…
Housecleaning is the first thing I let slide when I'm super busy. Good luck, B. You're making great progress and I know you'll make the deadline!
Gabriele C. said…
Lol, I don't even have those valid excuses for not blogging. It's only Not Feeling Like It and the soccer WC.

What's housecleaning?
I let cooking slide and rely on ready-made stuff from Trader Joe's, bagged salads, or, at the most, simple steak-on-the-barbie and a salad.

For housecleaning, I'm lucky enough to have two teenaged daughters who carry the load. Hey, both my husband and I work full time to support their needs and we make sure they appreciate it! I grew up surrounded by Jewish mothers. Guilt is my middle name. LMAO!

You should be proud. You've accomplished ALOT this week!
Brooks said…
Yeah, it's gotta be housework. I know it needs attention when I trip over a stack of newspapers (weekend only subscription). So I move the stack, "Look honey, I found the cat!"

Beth Ciotta said…
Ah, so I'm not the only one with dust bunnies here, there, and everywhere. Well, at least we know we could visit each other and feel right at home. :)
ElsieHogarth said…
Housecleaning also. I hate to vacuum and dust. Luckily, when I can't stand looking at it any more, my adorable 11 year Jeffrey will come over and help his Aunt Elsie out. I just love having godsons.
Bethany said…
Housework. Cooking. Television. Reading (whenever I am deep in a book, I cannot read another). Small talk. And sometimes showering.

I know. My family can't wait for me to *reach deadline* either.
Arianna Hart said…
Don't forget to get some rest in there sweetie!!!

I've been letting lots of things slide, sigh. Some day I'll catch up. . .

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