A New Look

Talk about an extreme and classy makeover, check out historical author Scott Oden's blog! Nice work, Scott. Of course, now I'm itching to jazz up my own blog. A new brighter color? Adding my book covers? Maybe a banner up top displaying my logo lady from my website? Only I don't know how to do any of those things. Bob Farley gave me some tips awhile back. He's always tinkering with the look of his blog. Maybe it's time to get my butt in gear and toy with my template. Of course, since I'm a techno-goober that would be time intensive and I'm on deadline (and finally on a roll) so it's probably not the time to do a blog makeover.

Doesn't mean I won't try it anyway. Heh.

I'm also itching for a new hair style or color. Again. But at least that only takes two hours and it's a no-brainer as my hairstylist does it. Are you a creature of habit or always in need of change? Me? I'm a little of both.


Scott Oden said…
Thanks Beth! Adding covers to blogger is actually pretty easy. First, I uploaded the images to photobucket (it's free, and I'm cheap), then used the html code photobucket supplied to add the image to the template with an 'img src' html tag. Bingo-boingo . . . a cover appears on the blog. You just have to play with it to find the right spot.

I also think my covers are too small. I must work on it.

YOU, however, must finish before you can play with your template ;) Go, Beth, go!
Jordan Summers said…
I'm such a frightening creature of habit. Hate change of all kinds...but then about two times a year I go through a 'want to get rid of everything and do a complete makeover' stage. It's probably a very good thing those two times a year happen or I'd still look like it was 1986. LOL! ;)
Bethany said…
I'm one of those people that likes to change her furniture arrangement at least once a month (but I don't or my husband would kill me).

So hair color, blog design, my closet arrangement-- changes ALL the time. Now my morning routine which includes coffee and time to just *stare* until I wake up. THAT never changes. Unless of course, a child is screaming.
Beth Ciotta said…
Um. Oops. I've been tinkering since morning, Scott. Found a template I really like, uploaded to a 'dummy' account as Bob had once suggested, and I've been tweaking and customizing for, um, three-four hours? Still trying to figure out the book cover thing. Found photobucket, uploaded the covers there. Saw three different codes. maybe I'm using the wrong thing? Anyhoo, I'm giving it a rest for now and switching over to my WIP. No, really. I am. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Jordan! I think I had a Madonna look going around 1986. Lucky Star-Madonna. Yikes. As for habit/change, I'm right down the middle. Certain things stay the same forever (bad eating and exercise habit, for instance. POT of coffee in the morning, for another) Other things I change all the time... mainly visual things.

Coffee and time to stare. I like that Bethany!
FeyRhi said…
I fully admit I have mood hair. It's been everything from a royal purple to bright auburn. The only shade I've never gone is blond. With my colouring I couldn't pull it off. *G* As soon as those nasty little grays peek out; I'm off to pick out a new colour.

I play with my blog a lot and cannot decide on a colour to paint the livingroom (I keep changing my mind)

Strangely enough I can't stand it when things change at work. I have my routine, I like the way things are done. Change there drives me nuts.
Barb said…
I find that I am rarely content, so I must like to switch things up. However, My hair color will now stay the same. I have tried many colors and they always turn copper or orange after about a week. Apparently I'm destined for very dark hair. Hard to believe we have the same genes....

Call me later, we need to talk!! love ya!

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