Love International Style

Harlequin VP Isabel Swift, recently posted about a global Team Harlequin meeting that takes place annually. A fun and interesting read, reminding me of how very huge and innovative Harlequin Publishing is. We're talking International distribution. They need to be in tune with the romantics of the world. Not just North America, but the world. I've never really thought about the dating and marriage scene in other countries. That is to say I think of love as universal. But of course there would be cultural influences. The folks at Harlequin got the scoop.

A copy of Harlequin's Romance Report 2006 was available to readers at the the Romantic Times Booklovers Convention. (You can also see it here.) It's filled with hip and thought provoking information. I particularly enjoyed the surveys. Here are some 'global' highlights as posted in the report.

Harlequin polled 14 countries and and everyone agreed the best way to meet new people is through friends. The men and women who depend most on their friends for romantic introductions are Japenese women (90%), Swedish women (80%), and Mexican men (80%). But what if you don't trust a friend's judgement or what if they're not into playing matchmaker? Not to fret, says Harlequin's survey. There are plenty of other ways to meet new people. Parties, pubs, bars and clubs are popular among: Italian men (50%), Dutch women (40%), and Greek men and women (40%).

I'll share some other interesting tidbits from this report over the weekend. But this got me thinking... Personally, I can't imagine being on the dating scene again. Where would I go to meet new people, specifically of a possible romantic nature? Where would you (or do you) go? To a friend? Club? Bar? Dating service? Inquiring minds (Okay. I) want to know.


Kelly said…
This is going to sound strange (and I didn't go here to meet guys -- it just happened), but the last two guys I dated I met at a bookstore. And I'm not the only one I know who has met someone at a bookstore that they ended up dating. There's something about browsing for books that makes it easy to strike up a conversation. ;-)
Beth Ciotta said…
I don't think that sounds strange, Kelly. Makes perfect sense to me. In fact I was thinking I'd want to hang out in places where I might meet someone with similar interests. Like a bookstore, museum, a historical building... Hey! Those are the likely places I'd meet my husband were I to meet him all over again. There's a paranormal novel in there somewhere. ;)
Barb said…
I started to answer your question but thought that I might get into some troublw should my husband ever read it. I think I would rather discuss this in private. However, similar interests is the way to go. (I think)
Barb said…
nice typo!! I meant trouble.
Beth Ciotta said…
Sure, Barb, tease us why don't you! :) Mind you, for us married folk this was an 'IF we were single' question. But I hear ya, or at least I will when we talk privately. :)

Okay. I'm home from the library, but off for a gig. Feel free to talk amongst yourselves! I'll catch up later!
Jordan Summers said…
I wouldn't be dating, eVA. I would redefine shut-in. :P
chryscat said…
Date again? Just shoot me. It would be less painful.
ElsieHogarth said…
I'm with you on that Chryscat. Too painful and too stressful.

I think in honor of Sir Paul MacCartney I'll say: When I'm 64(which I have a very long way to go)I'll probably get 4 young buffed hotties under 30 and live the life a la Mae West. Always surrounded by beautiful hot bodies. A woman just needs eye candy. And I do love candy.

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