Er, my blog seems to be glitching a bit today. The pics show up right away but the text is delayed. Weird. Oh jeez, and here I am typing an explanation that you probably won't see. *thunk to the head* in case you do see this. There is a post next to Robert Duvall's pic. I swear. Wait. It will magically appear. *g*


Mary Stella said…
The blogosphere as a whole seemed to glitch yesterday, B. I couldn't view my blog or do a new post for hours. Then everything got fixed!

I watched Broken Trail last night and loved it. Looking forward to tonight's broadcast.
Beth Ciotta said…
I tried to get to your blog several times yesterday morning, M. Thought it was just a Bravenet thing, but then had trouble here too. Even today, it's taking forever for my headline to show up when you first click on. Weird. Ah, well.

Glad you got to see Broken Trail. I was entertained and inspired. Yee-haw!

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