Creating Buzz and Books

Fan/Stalker #1, Laurie, gave me a heads up about a discussion happening over at the popular author group blog Squawk Radio. NYT bestselling author, Eloisa James wrote an essay on book promotion (June 2) and readers chimed in with what works best for them. I found the information helpful and depressing at the same time. A reminder that I should do more in terms of promoting current and past releases. But dang, right now I'm consumed and obssessed with writing fututre releases. Hmm. Maybe it's time to ask my magician friend, Brooks, to conjure me an assistant. Someone who'll work for Oreos and undying gratitude.*g*

Meanwhile, I've been musing the characters and plot of ROMANCING THE WEST (coming 2007) and tapping away at my laptop. Enjoyed reading your childhood memories in my Age of Innocence post. Lurkers, please do add yours if you're so inclined. Those memories make for happy Sunday reading!


Bethany said…
I'm like you... tapping away at new books.

Childhood memories? What are those? With my head in the clouds all day you might only get memories of my characters! ha! :-)

Going to read the promotion tips... maybe I can learn something that might be useful.

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