Anticipated Endings and Reads

Anticipating the end of my WIP, coming in the next couple of months. Anticipating an entertaining read, Stephanie Bond's BODY MOVERS, coming July 25.

Starting today, between the library and performing, I work everyday straight through Saturday. In fact Friday and Saturday, I'm doubling. That leaves very limited time to write. But when on deadline (whether contracted or self-imposed) you do what you gotta do. You write whenever you can. Even if I only complete two new sentences, I'm two sentences closer to the end.

In her blog yesterday, Stephanie Bond wrote: "Plain and simple--the only way to finish a manuscript is to commit to the many, many hours it takes to get to the end. Every sentence, every paragraph, every 10-minute writing session will get you there eventually."

If you haven't checked out Stephanie's website, I urge you to hop over. Her site and blog are filled with articles and fun extras for readers, writers and booksellers. Plus, she a terrific and prolific writer. And yes, a good friend. I'm really looking forward to her July release BODY MOVERS, the first in her new sexy mystery series for MIRA books. Looking for a fresh, fun read? Add this one to your summer reading list!


Bethany said…
Girlfriend... this is the story of my life (stealing minutes to write)! And you can do it too... I know you can.

And the beauty of writing is that even if you aren't writing, you are. In your head. Mulling over plots, etc. So, prep yourself. Concentrate on the scene ahead. And prepare. When it is time to write, it floods the screen. :-) good luck!
Beth Ciotta said…
Very true, Bethany. Even when I'm not actually typing I'm usually thinking about me story. In the car, in the shower, doing the dishes...
Stacie said…
LOVE the new look! (And pics to match!)

Congrats on even more progress on your WIP! (If only everyone were so lucky!)

I can't wait for Stephanie's new book! (Or the short story on Harlequin!) Although, I think I'm anticipating the October sequel to In Deep Voodoo more than the June release...But I know both will be great!
Beth Ciotta said…
Hi Stacie. Everytime I think about you, wondering where you are, you pop in! :) Good to see you, as always. Glad you like the makeover. Thank you! As for Stephanie's books, I enjoy them all. I have her entire collection. :)

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