Wednesday at RT

Continuing on with my RT adventures... here I am with just a few of my friends. (top to bottom/click on to enlarge) #1 with Heather Graham--NYT bestselling author, not actress--on Tuesday at the Luau Party. #2 with author Kathy Love on Wednesday at the Ellora's Cave Party. #3 with Heather's son Shayne, a real sweetheart and an excellent ballroom dancer. Love to 'hustle' with that man!

Wednesday morning, Mary and I were up at the crack of dawn. We had to be at an early rehearsal for Heather's play and we wanted to squeeze in breakfast first. We decided to attend RT's morning mixer sponsored by author Bobbi Smith. Bobbi is always a gracious and generous host and she always offers free books. Gotta love that. But a lot of convention attendees attended that mixer and by the time we got there the breakfast pickings were slim to none. So off to Starbucks we went. I can do without food but MUST HAVE COFFEE.

The rehearsal for Heather's show was three hours long. This meant missing out on morning workshops, but we only had two days in which to memorize lines and blocking. Better to miss a workshop then blow the play. Actor/writer Lance Taubold wrote the show. Very cute and funny. (Both Lance and the show) Before I knew it rehearsal was over and it was time for lunch. Sue Grimshaw of Walden Books spoke as did author Karen Robards. Both were inspiring. Convention food is never anything to write home about. This meal was no exception. I ended up picking at my food. For the best, I told myself, as I had to fit into that skimpy mermaid outfit the next night. Where's the coffee?

After lunch I was scheduled for a meet and greet in the hospitality suite. Just because it was crowded in there didn't mean anyone would want to stop and talk to me. I've been ignored before, so I was prepared to suffer the humiliation. At his blog the other day, Ken Levine wrote: "So what if it’s humiliating? You’re a writer. Get used to humiliation." I loved that. Anyway, quite a few people did stop and talk to me about my books so it was a pleasant surprise indeed!

Next came my first meeting with Rich Devin, writer and director of the Mr. Romance Competition. BTW Rich was also involved in the reality show version of Mr. Romance featured last year on the Oxygen Network. Okay. So, remember how excited I about co-hosting the show with the soap opera actor James Scott? Well, last minute, he (or his agent) canceled on RT. Unfortunately for us, fortunately for him, he landed a job on a new soap, Days of Our Lives, I think. He had to shoot the same weekend of our show.

So. Guess who was suddenly the central host? Uh, huh. Moi. Also two contestants dropped out at the last minute and a few other changes effected the show so... poor Rich had to write and rewrite and rewrite the show as the week progressed. One night he got exactly ONE hour of sleep. I'm amazed he was standing the next day. Not only that, he looked good. How do men do that? Anyway, it was at that first meeting on Wednesday that Rich informed me I probably wouldn't be seeing the final script until Saturday morning. The show was Saturday evening. And we had the mega important four-hour book fair in between. I'm one of those anal people who likes to be really prepared, so this was a jolt. Rich, bless his soul didn't seem concerned. "You'll be fine," he kept saying. Plus I wasn't alone, he recruited four veteran cover models to help me. (more about these friends and excellent actors in an upcoming post)

A friend/actress once told me, "Never be more nervous than the person in charge." It's something I always try to keep in mind, and since Rich knows me, and believed I'd be fine, I chose to believe it, too. It's the only thing that kept me from having a panic attack as the week progressed. That night, I set aside my insecurities and fears and enjoyed dinner with friends. After that we danced the night away at the Ellora's Cave Party. Repeat of heading back to the room much too late and setting the alarm for way too early. *g*

Tomorrow... Speaking at another workshop, more rehearsals, and the first SHOW!


Bethany said…
Good for you! Letting your hair down at dinner WITHOUT the script for the next day? Wow. I AM impressed.
Jordan Summers said…
It looks like you guys had a great time. Wish I could've been there. I suppose there's always next year. :D Glad you hung in there under pressure.
chryscat said…
Can't wait for more info.
Stacie said…
Glad you had a great trip! Can't wait to hear how the shows went!
ElsieHogarth said…
No wonder you barely have a voice! But by the pictures and your smile I can see that you had a great time. Sorry to hear that "My John" was a no show. Next time.

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