Under the Weather, Under the Gun

Under the weather today. Won't be going into work. Won't be snuggled under the covers either. I'm under the deadline gun. Wherever I plant my miserable self--in bed, on the couch--my laptop will be, well, in lap. Even if my pounding brain only cranks out one manuscript page, I'll be one page deeper into my story. Must. Push. Forward.

Here's an unedited snippet of what I'm working on...

Seth considered himself an expert on two things in life: wrangling criminals and seducing women. The trick was getting into their minds, learning what made them tick, and anticipating their actions and reactions.

Emily McBride was a brain buster. Hard to make sense out of a woman who made no sense at all.

Seated in the passenger seat of a ramshackle buggy, he glanced sideways at the young woman in possession of the reins. She didn’t dress, talk, or behave like a preacher’s daughter. Instead of twisting her pale blond hair into a conventional bun, she’d woven the waist-length tresses into two braids, tying off the ends with leather thongs. Her attire was equally unconventional. She wore a stove-pipe hat instead of a bonnet. A buckskin skirt, flat-heeled boots, a man’s white ruffled shirt, and black suspenders. She looked more like a circus sharpshooter than a librarian. The only bookish thing about her was her eye glasses. She wasn’t homely or beautiful. Quietly pretty, maybe. Tall for a woman, though not as tall as Seth, and thin as a desert grasshopper. She wasn’t overtly sensual and yet, since meeting her, he hadn’t been able to take his eyes off of her. He’d told her he was intrigued. That, for sure and certain, was the truth.

Romancing The West is scheduled for release in 2007. I'll no doubt alter the above passage in some fashion before it reaches book form, but you get the gist.

So what are you up to? Writing a book? A screenplay? Redecorating a room? Planning a trip? Chime in regulars and lurkers and let us know what projects are filling up your days.


Jennifer Elbaum said…
Sorry you're under the weather Beth. Hope you feel better soon.

Today I'm sending out review copies of Nowhere to Hide (ick! post office lines!) and I'm writing more of Nowhere to Run. Yesterday I wrote 2400 words, but today I'll be happy to make 1200.
chryscat said…
Sending good wishes your way for a quick recovery. Being sick inhales.

I'm working on the first book in a paranormal series. And then, of course, had a great idea for a Time Travel Romance last night.
Fingers to keyboard...regardless.
chryscat said…

And the book I use as my avatar will be coming out tomorrow. *laughing*
Yeah. I'm ate up right now.
Cyn said…
I hope you feel better soon, B! probably post-RT exhaustion catching up with you, party animal.

You know what I'm working on. As does Jen Elbaum. I'm really trying to understand the big scope of my story ... the, what is ultimately at stake and why should the reader care aspect. For the most part, I have my characters but I am still not satisfied with the drive of my story.
Anna Lucia said…
Oh, don't. If you ask I'll have to tell, and then I have to think about the kitchen installers coming on the 26th, and the builder who just rang to cancel on us.

And the building work has to be done before the kitchen's fitted. And the gas has to be installed before the builder comes.

- *whimper*

Apart from that, full time dayjob, next assignment for the MA looming, chapter two of the WIP in pieces, and we're on holiday next week.

*insert Wilhelm Scream*

Hope you feel much better soon, Beth. But you know you're going to feel better sooner if you take proper rest, right?
Beth Ciotta said…
Did you end up making your own ARCs, Jen? Wishing you well as you send NOWHERE TO HIDE off for review. Biting nails times, eh? Sounds like you're moving along on the next work. 2400 words in a day is nothing to sneeze at. 1200 ain't so bad either. Days like today I'd be overjoyed with 1200. ;) Happy writing!
Beth Ciotta said…
The cover for WHAT HE WANTS is ulra-sexy, Crystal. Wishing you tremendous sales! As for working on one project and having an idea for another... happens to me a lot. On the one hand, it's nice to know a new story is lurking in the back of your mind. On the other hand, it can be a real pain when that story strikes you as more interesting than your WIP! Oy!
Lynn Daniels said…
Feel better soon, Beth!

Right now I'm still working on the pre-writing for one WIP (I had to restart it), slowly muddling through edits on another, and planning a vacation to Yellowstone (2 weeks away!).

Oh yeah, and when I find time, I'm still fighting with a synopsis.

Huh. Maybe I should slow down.
Brooks said…
It's been awhile since I checked in here, but have been lurking! Thought I'd give you a non-writer man's perception of your sample from Romancing The West. Intriqueing (sp?), I want to know more about her ...everything. This is HOT! I MUST read your Westerns because I feel that I'll get deep insights into how women think and feel. That's a good thing for a man, right (and women)?

I'm so far behind in my reading, so I can't wait to get into Lasso the Moon and am already anticipating Romancing the West.

I know how very busy you are. Still.
Take a breath. I wish you and Steve
have a great Summer. xoxoxo, Brooks
Beth Ciotta said…
Cyndi, I do know what you're working on and it's a GREAT story. Relax and trust your process. :)

Eek, Anna! What a week, eh? Deep breath. Deep breath. Now repeat after me. "It will all work out." :) Bet you can't wait for that holiday!
Beth Ciotta said…
Woah, Lynn. You have a lot cookin'! Best of luck with your projects and have a GREAT time at Yellowstone. (so envious) So this means we cam expect to see more of your beautiful photography, yes?

BROOKS!!! I've missed seeing your posts. Hope you and Barbara are well. Miss you muchly. I have to say you really made my day by saying that you think Emily is HOT. :) Yup, you made me feel a whole lot better than the aspirin I took earlier. Don't be a stranger!
Brooks said…
Thanks, it's what friends do!

"Put a lime in da coconut and call me in da mornin."
Stacie said…
Hope you feel better ASAP!! Being sick is NO fun!

I'm working on a massive French project. We had to plan a trip to Paris...I made a scrapbook for mine. It counts as our exam grade, so it was to be super-fabulous!

LOVED the snippet from RTW!!
Beth Ciotta said…
Stacie, I was thinking about you earlier today. Wondering where you've been. The scrapbook sounds fabulous. Here's to high scores!

Uh, Brooks. Now I've got that song stuck in my head. :)
Brooks said…
You're welcome!
Bethany said…
Writing the next book... waiting for my new agent to get back to me on the first, working my a$$ off at the day job... oh and taking care of my kid. Who has pneumonia (and praying I don't get it myself).
Gabriele C. said…
I'm doing the detail research for the rewrite of Kings and Rebels. In the first version which I wrote by the seat of my pants and promptly got a number of pesky little details wrong. :(

I also work on the court scene of Storm over Hadrian's Wall which is damn tricky because I have to introduce a number of characters in a few pages.
Beth Ciotta said…
Bethany, I see you're in various stages of the publishing game. Working hard on a new project is the best way to keep your mind off of a project that's 'out there'. The waiting game is rough on the nerves. Then again so is having a very sick toddler. Hope you're baby feels much better very soon!
Beth Ciotta said…
Gabriele, I'm going to be doing what you're doing with KINGS AND MEN with my current WIP. Going back and weaving in (or confirming) research deatils. I ususally do it as I'm writing first draft. But it's not working for me this time. This time I'm having to write for speed AND to keep the creative spark alive. Since you write historical fiction, checking research deatils must be a real bugger. Best of luck!
ElsieHogarth said…
Beth, the stalker and I hope you are feeling better. Loved the mini-excerpt...the man is definitely intrigued.

Sister Dear and I are both into the "Spring Cleaning" and getting our acts together with the getting into "shape for the summer". Actually, it's all due to Mary's pep talk on her blog at RT, the doctor's etc. Mary, you're our hero, we love you.
Kelly said…
It's June, so it is review time for me. Blech! I spent yesterday and a good portion of today writing my annual review for work. Every year I say I am going to keep track of what I do so that I don't have a tough time remembering, but I always forget. :-(
Gabriele C. said…
the historical details are especially buggersome when they interfere with my plot. Sometimes someone just dies a year too late, marries too early or wasn't where I want him to be at a certain time. Dang uncooperative historical characters. :)
Beth Ciotta said…
Elsie, best of luck to you and stalker sister as you work to get in shape for summer. Yes, Mary is very inspiring in her effort to attain premium good health! Go, ladies, go!

Hi Kelly! It was so fabulous to see you and speak a bit at RT. But now we're back to the grind, eh? A very busy time for you. Hang in and don't let the students or responsibilities drive you nuts!
Beth Ciotta said…
"Dang uncooperative historical characters."

*snicker* Love it, Gabriele.

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